Bubble Protection

As poker players, we know that we should play to win regardless of what stage of an event we are in. With that said, there are few more draining experiences than playing for hours in an event just to bust on the bubble. However, now there is a system that allows players to buy insurance against the bubble. It is called Bubble Protection and it just may be the next big thing in bankroll management.

How Bubble Protection works is simple. First, you purchase a bubble protection policy for an event that you would like to play. For that event, your effective bubble is extended to 10% of the field outside of the normal payout pool. As an example, if a 1,000 player event paid 100 spots, then the new effective bubble for the event would be 100 spots.

If you happen to finish from 200th to 101st, Bubble Protection would refund the covered player’s tournament entry fee and rake taken by the site for the event. Tournament fees are refunded to your BubbleProtection.com account and you can request a check or Moneybookers payment at any time.

Using Bubble Protection can give players a huge advantage over other players in the field. Many players who are not using the product will begin to tighten up as you begin to approach the bubble. As such, they are not making moves and trying to build chips to make the final table.

Those players that use the product can begin to bully other players once they reach the effective bubble period due to the fact that they are essentially freerolling in the event. This added security of knowing that at worst you will break even allows players to attack those just trying to cash in the event and gives the covered player a chance to build chips for a final table run.

At present, coverage is available for all events on PokerStars, PartyPoker, and the iPoker network with buy-ins of $22 and greater. If there are events on these sites that are not listed for coverage, you can contact Bubble Protection support for a customized quote on the event.

Pro Chris Moorman highly recommends Bubble Protection. He stated that, “I am a truly passionate supporter of the technology and I can confidently say that it represents a revolutionary change to how we play online poker tournaments. I feel that when strategically used in conjunction with your individual playing style it will be an integral part of your game. Incorporating Bubble Protection will provide a bankroll management tool that will improve your long term results.”

In order to take advantage of Bubble Protection, all you need to do is go to their website, signup for an account, and deposit funds to pay premiums. At that point, select the events you want to play and then play your game.

Bubble Protection is a breakthrough product that allows players to open up their game much earlier and gives them greater opportunities to play for the win. In addition, it helps to protect a player’s bankroll in the times they happen to run into a big hand or suffer a big suckout on the river. Bubble Protection is an inexpensive way to help you improve your game and your overall results.

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