Jungleman12 to durrrr, “I want to play”

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In a recent interview with SpecPoker.com Daniel Cates, better known as ‘jungleman12’ online, revealed his frustration with the snail’s pace that his heads-up match with Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan is proceeding at.

During the phone interview (which you can listen to at specpoker.com) Cates had this to say regarding the challenge match: “I thought it would go a lot faster. I heard from Tom that he would end whatever he was busy doing in the end of October, so hopefully we will see some action soon… I would like it to go faster. In a way, I’ve been trying to nag Tom to start playing, but he’s a busy guy and I assume he has to do a lot of other things too. But I did think that it would go a lot faster.”

The two players are in the midst of a 50,000 hand heads-up challenge. The stipulations for the match are that the player who is ahead after 50,000 hands keeps all of the winnings, and should Cates win Dwan would pay him a further $1.5 million. Should Dwan come out victorious Cates would pay him an additional $500,000. Rumor has it that the money is being held by Phil Ivey in escrow.

In a recent blog post durrrr talked about the challenge and how he thought it would pick back up again soon. However, durrrr is currently involved in some of the highest stakes cash games ever to be played over in Macau, and these games will have to die down before Dwan will be able to resume the challenge match against Cates.

Here is an excerpt from durrrr’s blog regarding his challenge match with jungleman12: “I have 2 challenges open, both of which havent had much play in the last few weeks. I was busy with wsope, then traveling a bunch- but in the next few days/weeks i should be putting in a ton of hands with jungleman.”

Dwan’s original challenge match with Patrik Antonius is still unfinished as well, with Dwan seemingly having the match wrapped-up; holding a nearly $2 million edge with almost 40,000 hands played.

Thus far Dwan and Cates have played 7,700 and Cates has approximately a $650,000 lead over Dwan. However, unlike the durrrr vs. Patrik Antonius challenge which was settled at PLO tables; durrrr vs. jungleman12 is being fought at the No Limit Holdem tables, where Cates has publicly said that Dwan has a few leaks in his game.

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