Poker rumor: Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan up $9 million in Macau

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Although he promised to get back to business in his challenge match with Daniel ‘jungleman12’ Cates Tom Dwan can probably be excused for putting the match off a bit longer. According to a poster on the 2+2 poker forum regarding the high-stakes cash games that have been taking place in Macau, Dwan is up roughly $9 million in his challenge match against a wealthy Chinese businessman!

The post was made by the anonymous poster ‘MacauPro’ and it seems fairly credible as nobody has refuted his statements. Here is a look at the succession of posts ‘MacauPro’ made:

“Guys, pls cut Tom and Stella etc, some slack. They are kinda caught in between a rock and a hard place. The rest of us lurkers with no affiliation to any of the rooms will try to provide updates whenever we can. Durrrr is up 62mill HKD atm.”

“HU2 is over. Durrr up 68mill HKD. more than made up for the 20mill loss in HU1. Good night guys.”

David Benefield also posted saying Dwan was still down overall in the heads-up match. Benefield could be deflecting any IRS interest in Dwan’s performance in Macau with his statement, or it could be the spot-on truth. Since the results of the entire 10-days or so will never be known it’s next to impossible to determine who won and lost, but from the general vibe of the thread –from the posters who were on hand anyway– it seems Dwan did quite well without reading too far into their remarks.

Players can read the extended thread (well over 100 pages) or the Cliffs Notes version (a mere 8 pages) on the 2+2 poker forums.

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