Bellagio accused of using marked cards in poker games

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Aug 18, 2011 Posted in Live Poker News, Poker Gossip | 2 Comments »

If you think that cheating in poker is limited to online poker, and elaborate schemes like the current “Girah”, “junglemna12”, “DogisHead” scandal unfolding on 2+2, think again; marked cards, collusion, chip-dumping, and all manner of nefarious dealings are still a problem on the live poker scene –just look at last year’s Ali Tekintamgac cheating scandal that caused an overhaul to tournament rules regarding reporters.

The latest allegation came from Jimmy Fricke (of Fricke-Rolled fame) when the young poker pro took to his Twitter account to detail how the cards used at the Bellagio are almost all marked:

“Every single ace of spades is marked at Bellagio and no one gives a shit at all. I’ve pointed it out in $10ks (tournaments) and in big cash games and no one cares,”

Fellow poker player Ryan Rinker (@ryanrinker) responded with the following tweets:

“@jvfricke they have been for a year now. I said something too….got ignored! I hide my cards behind chips and the floor won’t penalize you”

“@jvfricke because they know they are marked. A lot of the kings are marked too”

When asked why it was the Ace of Spades which was marked, Fricke responded with: “They are all warped because of the way they are stored,”

You may recall that the World Series of Poker had similar issues with unintentionally marked cards this past summer, which was caused by a manufacturing defect from the card company.

There has been no word yet from the Bellagio on the matter.

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2 Responses to “Bellagio accused of using marked cards in poker games”

  1. John says:

    cheating scandal at Bellagio in poker room. Doyle Brunson and Billy Baxter fixed a game in Bobbys room this summer at wsop 2012. Heard gaming is involved and every high stakes player knows about it. Heard employee’s involved and it has become huge. Heard the cheated for millions. This is not only bad for poker but, bad for Bellagio. I knew these old guys were cheats but, they have no respect for the game or any player that plays in it. Feel more sorry for Bobby Baldwin. I’m sure he is disappointed in them and embarassed. I know they are doing everything they can to calm the scandal but, it has spread to every high roller in the country. They don’t feel safe there anymore. People are moving to other casinos. Thanks Doyle and Billy you have tainted the poker world one again. You also have made Howard look like mother Teresa.

  2. jamie says:

    Doug Dalton fired from Bellagio poker room for this big cheating scandal . They waited 5 months to do it because right after would be like admitting guilt. BOBBY BALDWIN tried his best to clean it up. Every poker player alive knows about this. This is why Bobby’s room has been a ghost town.

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