Poker POY races wide open after the WSOP

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poyHeading into the World Series of Poker it looked as if the 2013 Player of the year awards were going to be awarded to Paul Volpe, with everyone else playing for second place. But as is wont to be the case, the WSOP changed the whole POY landscape, and while Volpe remains a serious contender the races are now wide open with several players eyeing one of the three major POY awards.

Emerging in the Player of the Year race as we head into the final five months of the year has been Daniel Negreanu, Mike Watson, Matthew Ashton, Steve Silverman, and David Peters.

Negreanu is the highest ranked player using an aggregate system, currently 2nd on the Bluff leader-board, 1st on Cardplayer’s leader-board, and 4th on the GPI POY leader-board. Of all the serious contenders in the 2013 POY race, only Negreanu has won a POY award in the past, having won the Cardplayer POY award back in 2004.

Watson and Volpe also have a good shot at the Triple Crown (winning all three Player of the year awards) as Watson currently sits in 1st place on the Bluff leader-board, 5th place at Cardplayer, and 2nd place on the GPI, while Volpe is 5th at Bluff, 2nd at Cardplayer, and leads the GPI POY race.

Bluff Magazine 2013 Player of the Year leader-board (accurate as of 7/29/2013):

1. Mike Watson – 833.19 points

2. Daniel Negreanu – 804.86 points

3. David Peters – 773.90 points

4. Scott Seiver – 715.49 points

5. Paul Volpe – 674.44 points

6. Dani Stern – 670.53 points

7. Steve Silverman – 652.86 points

8. Matthew Ashton – 638.65 points

9. Dimitar Danchev – 610.45 points

10. Aaron Lim – 606.65 points

Cardplayer Magazine 2013 Player of the Year leader-board (accurate as of 7/29/2013):

1. Daniel Negreanu – 3,768 points

2. Paul Volpe — 3,530 points

3. Steve O’Dwyer – 2,848 points

4. Erick Lindgren — 2,800 points

5. Michael Watson – 2,724 points

6. Dimitar Danchev — 2,676 points

7. David Vamplew – 2,620 points

8. Seth Berger — 2,536 points

9. Matthew Ashton – 2,475 points

10. David Peters – 2,386 points

Global Poker Index 2013 Player of the Year leader-board (accurate as of 7/29/2013):

1. Paul Volpe – 767.76 points

2. Michael Watson – 753.37 points

3. David Peters – 736.55 points

4. Daniel Negreanu – 731.18 points

5. Scott Seiver – 692.20 points

6. Steven Silverman – 670.01 points

7. Igor Kurganov – 663.10 points

8. Chris Klodnicki – 656.19 points

9. Ole Schemion – 651.74 points

10. Bryn Kenney – 633.02 points

All three ranking systems use a different criterion to determine the Player of the Year:

* Cardplayer Magazine focuses on a player’s results over the course of the entire calendar year, focusing on final table appearances.

* Bluff Magazine takes into account a player’s results from the previous calendar year (weighted at about 50% of the current year)

* The Global Poker Index uses a players top cashes from different quarters of the year only, all other results are discounted

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