888poker’s New ‘Flopomania’ Game Looks To Bring In Recreati

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888poker officially launched a new online poker game called Flopomania on August 20. Though Flopomania may seem largely similar to the regular Texas hold’em cash game, it differs in one major aspect. In the current format, the preflop betting round has been limited which speeds up the game overall. This new online poker variant is a low stakes version of No-Limit Hold’em that is played on six-handed tables.

Players pay up an ante before the hole cards are dealt out. These antes start from $0.05, go on to $0.10, $0.30, and end at $1. The maximum and minimum buy-in for the games is set at 50 times the ante. Thereon the flop is dealt without a betting round.The player to the left of the dealer button starts the betting after which the remaining game proceeds on the lines of a traditional Texas hold’em game.

Push or Fold Flopomania

Players can also try a variation called Push or Fold Flopomania. In this format, players follow the same steps as a regular Flopomania game but at the betting stage the only options available to them are either to fold or make a push bet which is 10 times the ante. No other betting is possible after this round.

The game is likely to be unpopular with poker purists who generally consider preflop betting a critical part of the game. For recreational players, this modification is likely to result in a lot more fun as the game becomes faster and more action-packed.

The lack of preflop betting will make for shorter hands with no waiting and directly addresses the issue of slow games frustrating amateur players. It also reduces the gap between professional players and casual players as the preflop betting often requires higher skill levels.

888poker Targets Recreational Players

The launch of Flopomania is in line with 888poker’s push towards attracting recreational players. Its low stakes and fast format is likely to appeal to players who are looking for some a game that gives them a fun and thrills online gaming experience. There are other poker operators who have also introduced similar games. PokerStars offers a high octane game called All-In Shootout where there is no betting at all and the players go all-in pre-flop.

Players got an early look at Flopomania after it was accidentally released by 888poker a few weeks ago. To celebrate the launch, 888poker is running an introductory promotion called Flopomania Celebration Promotion which offers players a chance to win a share of the $500,000 prize money. Additionally, two daily tournaments $3000 All-in Flopomania Celebration is also available.


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