Andrew Li reaches Supernova Elite in February

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Andrew ‘azntracker’ Li has just put most “grinders” and their “mega-grinds” to shame with his recent accomplishment: You see it took Li just 59 days to reach Supernova Elite status at PokerStars, a full 19 days faster than anyone in history –and he only played poker on 50 of those 59 days!

In order to reach Supernova Elite at PokerStars you must accumulate 1,000,000 VPP’s, which Li managed to do by playing Sit and Go poker tournaments at the site. Li managed to break even –he posted his ROI at 0% which could indicate a slight profit or loss—but with the cash-back and cash-milestone he gained was far from break-even in that two month stretch.

On his blog, Li detailed the process, and included a number of interesting stats as well:

·    SNGs played: 14,183, Avg ROI: 0%
·    # of days played: 50 out of 59 (84.75%)
·    # of days >25,000 VPP: 13
·    # of days >10,000 VPP: 48
·    VPPs in Jan (including 50k WSOP bonus): 398,682
·    VPPs in Feb: 602,086
·    VPP Milestones achieved in February: 6
·    Lowest VPP session: 7,326 on Jan 1st (lol lazy)
·    Highest VPP session: 35,167 on Feb 18th
·    VPPs in last 15 days: 425,954 (28,397/day)
·    Top 3 profit days: +12,732, +9,880, +8,444
·    Top 3 loss days: -17,511, -12,860, -9,414
·    Left-mouse clicks in 2011:  1,172,167

With the bonuses and cash-back rewards, let’s just say that Li had a very good January and February at PokerStars!

In his most recent blog-post Li outlines his plan to break Wizardofahhs VPP record of 3 million, as he is shooting for 4-5 million VPP’s in 2011.

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