Bodog Poker Anonymous Tables data cracked

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According to the website, the newly implemented Anonymous Tables at Bodog are not as anonymous as the site would have you believe. The site released a video on Tuesday demonstrating how they were able to exploit the Bodog code and gain access to each players Bodog ID# (Similar to a screen-name). Later the site released a second video where they explained how to use a player’s ID# or screen-name to potentially crack their password (which requires some serious hacking software).

The same site was able to hack Party Poker’s Anonymous Tables as well, and states that the security issue is similar to the issues PlayStation3 previously had. Next thing you know they will be proving Poker Sites With Live Dealers aren’t actually using live dealers. But basically what I’ve learned by poring over the two posts at is that online poker security is WAY behind at present –I never realized just how damaging knowing a player’s screen-name could be in gaining access to their account.

Now I should point out that while the videos focus on Bodog and their Anonymous Tables, this is an INDUSTRY-wide issue. As the maker of the video, “Kyle”, states, this is a prime reason we need to legalize and regulate the online poker industry.

Bodog released the following statement via E-Mail to customers asking about the supposed security flaw:

Thank you for contacting Bodog Poker Customer Service.

It’s very understandable if our players are very concerned about the security of their accounts because of this video that has been posted on the Internet but we are assuring all of our players that all your account information is secured. We are aware of this video and we are investigating looking into this.

As per the anonymity of our poker tables, for the vast majority of our players, they will not know who they are playing against as they can’t see a screen name or account number while at the tables; however, if someone wants to and has the technical skills to develop the software you saw on the forum they are able to — we are confident this will only be pursued in very isolated cases between now and a future upgrade which will prevent it from working.

If you are worried about the security of your account, having access to an account number is similar to having a screen name in the past. You still must have a password or the answers to your private security questions in order to access any personal or banking information.

And here is a look at the two videos from which seems like a very good blog to keep an eye on by the way:

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