Collusion scandal uncovered at PokerStars

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Regulars at the mid-stakes Double or Nothing Sit & Go tournaments at PokerStars can expect to see some extra money in their account in the near future. A team of colluders based in China has been snuffed out, thanks to alert players who persistently complained to the online poker giant. The bulk of the cheating occurred at the $52-$108 Double or Nothing tables, where five or more of the colluders would sit in the same game.

The story broke when one of the accused players arrived on the 2+2 Poker Forum complaining that PokerStars had frozen her account under the name Jane0123. This set off a bit of a firestorm on the forum as many players suspected her as being a cheat. The collusion gang seems to be made up of Chinese players, most coming from the town of Hangzhou. PokerStars says the number of players involved in the cheating scandal could be as high as several dozen.

After their investigation PokerStars has paid affected players approximately $587,000, most directly from the site’s coffers as only $85,000 was seized from the cheaters themselves. It’s unclear at the moment just how much legitimate poker players lost to the cheating pack, or how PokerStars will compensate players for lost leader-board points and other minor losses.

If you believe you have been cheated by the group you can contact PokerStars security at

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