Poker-bot users sue Full Tilt Poker over confiscated funds

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Oct 02, 2009 Posted in Online Poker News, Poker Industry News | 4 Comments »


TMZ is reporting two men, Larry Kennedy and Greg Omotoy, are suing the #2 most popular online poker site for confiscating $80,000 worth of winnings.

Full Tilt allegedly claims the two used poker-bots at the tables –which violates Full Tilt Poker’s terms of agreement—and their winnings were confiscated. TMZ fails to mention whether the plaintiffs admit to using poker-bots, or if they are denying this aspect of the allegations.

The plaintiffs also allege that Full Tilt Poker uses ‘bots’ and manipulates the software in order to make the game more luck-based – A common allegation from many unsuccessful online poker players: “ONLINE POKER IS RIGGED!”
This would be the first lawsuit involving the use of poker-bots at online poker sites, and could set a precedent on the legality of the software.

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4 Responses to “Poker-bot users sue Full Tilt Poker over confiscated funds”

  1. Leo says:


  2. Ramesses says:

    Fulll tilt is trash, i only keep 15$ on there and thats just to play around with. Stars represents the elite of online poker.

  3. nathan says:

    I also have been getting scammed out of my money. I believe 100% that there still using bots. the reason i say this is because it seems as if in just about every room there is one person that will make high bets off start and have nothing but maybe a 4 or a 8 and if someone like my self match this when i have a pair of aces or something this other person would end up getting a flush or a strait or somthing higher then what i had. Also this person would have the most money in the room or leave after taking everyones money and a nother person would come in and do the same thing. i been playing this site for a long time and you can never get a head. when i start to one of theses players would come in the room and take me for all i got.

  4. Joyce says:

    They are now having problems with deposits and they claim they forgot to submit a deposit to my bank, (which did go through) and they put my account in a negative balance, refuse to talk over the phone so I can prove it to them.
    I would like to get numerous people together to sue this unethical organization!!!!!!

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