The record falls again: Antonius beats Isildur1 for $1.3 million

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patrik AntoniusBarely a week since the same two players originally broke the record for the biggest pot in online poker history the two high-stakes poker players were back at it. Once again it was Patrik Antonius coming out on the good side of the battle.

The clash seemed inevitable to the rail-birds as Antonius started with over $1,000,000 on the table before Isildur1 arrived and put up his $200,000 buy-in. After Isildur1 worked his stack up to $600,000+ you just knew fireworks were about to happen between the two ultra-aggro players.

The two got into a raising war pre-flop: Isildur1 opens for $3k; Antonius re-raises to $9k; Isildur1 4-bets to $27k; and finally Antonius 5-bets (!!!) to $81k, which Isildur1 calls.

A 245 rainbow flopped saw Antonius lead out for just over ½ the pot ($91k) which Isildur1 promptly re-raised, only to see Antonius move all-in; creating a pot of $1,356,946.50!

Antonius revealed the second nuts with Ah3sKhKs while Isildur1 showed 6789 for a wrap-straight-draw. The board paired 5’s on the turn –which also gave Antonius a flush draw further cutting down Isildur’s outs from 12 to 9.

When the 9 of clubs fell on the river it took a moment for many rail-birds to realize Isildur1 didn’t have the straight –as if the hand needed any further tension—and within seconds Antonius had bested his own record by close to $500,000.

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