Tom Dwan tweets about Full Tilt money promise

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Likely caused by the unrelenting swarms of former Full Tilt Poker trying to get their funds returned –and likely just as many people whose only interest is in pestering Dwan—Tom ‘durrrr” Dwan decided to take to his Twitter account to address his guarantee to return all of the money he received from Full Tilt Poker to US players should the site not make good on their accounts.

Here is a look at the series of Tweets sent out by Dwan on Saturday night:

“Lotsa ppl pming me n messaging on twitter w/o having read up on what I said. If worst case happens I’ll pay in a fair way, and that won’t”

“ involve paying individuals jus b/c they messaged me a lot. Timeline was late 2012 I think (or anytime I’m >90%ish of ftp not paying out).”

“That said let’s hope everything gets resolved n I can keep my $$s to spend on some goofy stuff that I’ll think up later.”

In the days after Black Friday Dwan decided to put his money where his mouth is and all but guarantee that Full Tilt Poker would repay their players –as part of his “guarantee” Dwan decided to tell the poker public that should Full Tilt Poker not make good on their debts he would forfeit all of the money he received as a member of Team Full Tilt Poker.

So while the poker world waits until late 2012 –perhaps Dwan is hedging his bet by banking on the Mayan end of the world theory to keep him from having to pay—to see if Tom Dwan will give-up the estimated $1 million he has received from Full Tilt Poker, the rest of us will now move on with our lives.

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