VC Poker tells good players they are at max capacity

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In one of the strangest moves in online poker history, the iPoker Network has enacted a policy where it will penalize sites that have a disproportionate number of “good” players! The move makes tactical sense, but doesn’t seem to have the potential to work in the real-world.

Ipoker was likely assuming that the move would lead their network of sites to come up with new, innovative, ways to bring players to their poker tables –instead of relying on rakeback deals, and other promotions that appeal mainly to high-volume, winning, poker players.

Instead, what iPoker got were a few sites telling some of their winning players that the job has already been filled! Among the culprits are VC Poker and Chili Poker, who obviously feel it will be easier to just cull some of their winning players –most likely the ones who sporadically play on the site—instead of focusing on marketing and new promotions that might appeal to more casual poker players.

VC Poker has been sending e-mails to some of these players, here is a copy of one of those e-mails from

“If you are not already aware iPoker will be implementing a new policy in the New Year which will categorize players depending upon certain criteria. The new policy will also impose penalties upon card rooms that in essence, have a high proportion of winning players in relation to losing players.

Regrettably therefore, we are being forced to restrict a number of accounts in order to comply with the new policy and to avoid penalization by iPoker and it grieves me to inform you that we have no option for the time being other than to restrict the cash game stakes at which you can play on Victor Chandler Poker.

We sincerely regret having to take this action and hope that the policy will change in the future so that you may once again enjoy playing cash games at Victor Chandler Poker. In the meantime, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this action will cause but know that you can still play in our tournaments and on any other of the Victor Chandler suite of products.”

If you are looking to play poker because you have been asked to leave at VC Poker because your to good. You should try downloading Cake Poker. Plus before you do that make sure you look for a Cake Poker Bonus Code.

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