Sam Trickett and Andrew Feldman feuding

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A day after some lighthearted back-and- forth on Twitter regarding the poker forum rumors that Andrew Feldman was the player Sam Trickett anonymously said had stolen from him, it appears the two may in fact have had a falling out, adding more fuel to the fire that the polarizing Feldman was the former-friend/poker-pro who had stolen money from Sam Trickett.

It now appears that we have some confirmation on who Trickett was talking about when he claimed a well-known poker player, and someone he considered a friend, had stolen a substantial amount of money from him. The unanswered question is how this monetary exchange went down, and what was going through both Trickett’s and Feldman’s head at the time, as it appears the two have a very different understanding of the debt.

Here is a look at some of Feldman’s recent Tweets on the matter:

“Fed up of constantly being linked to the #samtrickettscandal. Its been almost a month since he said he would out the thief…”

“I wonder if he is just doing this for attention n another case of the boy who cried wolf @Samtrickett1 the poker world deserves an answer!!!”

“Now I’m hearing that I used @Samtrickett1 money to fund the donations I gave out in #secretmillionaire!! Where r these rumours coming from??”

“Guys, my final tweet of the night: If you hang around skunks long enough, you begin to smell like one. Good night tweeps xxx”

And Trickett’s Twitter account has been just as active:

“Going to leave it at that! ill see him again sometime 🙂 Time to get my head down and win some money……”

“not going 2 go in 2 detail but please nobody trust @Andrewfeldman1 ,the guy is a very deluded untrustworthy person.i found out the hard way”

“@Andrewfeldman1 Its funny how u havent denied anything??”

“@Andrewfeldman1 .I feel really sorry 4 u kid.Enjoy all ur money,make it last! Dont play poker with it tho cuz u might cry if u lose again…” Makes me so happy……”

According to the legitimate sources in the saga, it seems there is a dispute over some money lent to Feldman by Trickett in Vienna (€25,000 being the most touted figure) with Trickett’s friend Chris Sly adding, “@Andrewfeldman1 @Samtrickett1 Are u being serious, I personally witnessed Sam lending you are very large amount of Euros.Now ur getting … out of poker so ur not paying him….disgrace” Sly then went on to ask Feldman, “@Andrewfeldman1 @Samtrickett1, Are you denying that Sam lent you a €25k in Vienna & now refusing to pay him back……… Disgusting….”

Based on Sly’s comments, it would seem (***speculation alert***) that Feldman borrowed €25,000 from Trickett and was going to pay him back through poker, perhaps a staking agreement of some sort, but ended up losing the money. Now Feldman is leaving the game, so he feels the agreement is off, whereas Trickett feels Feldman is still in makeup. If this is the case Feldman most definitely owes Trickett the money.

However it happened, this is surely not the last we have heard on the matter, and now that it’s out in the public it will likely be greeted with its own 2+2 thread that reaches hundreds of pages.

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