Howard Lederer spotted in Las Vegas

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I’m not sure how Marco Valerio from came to know that Howard Lederer was dining at the Hokkaido Restaurant in Las Vegas, but he quickly made his way down there and confronted Lederer with mic in hand and cameras rolling.

Lederer did stop and acknowledge Marco, but quickly continued to his car while keeping his answers contrite, at first appearing surprised, and then quickly deciding to hightail it out of there. The fact that Lederer is in Las Vegas during the WSOP, and has not made an appearance, tells me that he knows there are still many issues to be resolved at Full Tilt Poker.

Here is a transcript of the brief exchange:

Marco: Mr. Lederer, can you give a quick word for the American players?

Howard Lederer: I can’t make any comments.

Marco: Will you be in Vegas for long sir?

Howard Lederer: We’ll see.

Marco: Will there be any comments in the future?

Howard Lederer: Ummm, when we’re ready.

My guess is that Howard will be leaving Vegas shortly, and frankly I’m surprised he is there in the first place considering how easily recognizable he is in the poker community –a community that is basically living in Vegas during the WSOP.

Congrats to Marco for landing what will surely be the most talked about 30-second exchange containing zero substantive answers in poker history.

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