Interview with author and poker pro Jonathan Little

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Little01Jonathan Little is a two-time World Poker Tour champion with nearly $5 million in career tournament earnings, and over the past few years Little has been divulging his secrets through his online poker training website, as well as in his recently concluded 3-volume series, Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker, published by D&B Publishing.

After reviewing the recently released Volume 3 of this series I had the chance to pose a few questions to Jonathan, touching on his new life as a poker coach and author, as well as his career as a tournament poker pro.

Purchase Secrets of Professional Poker Volume 3 Now that you’ve completed all three volumes of Secrets of Professional Tournament Poker what are you final thoughts on the series as a whole?

Jonathan Little: I am strongly considering doing another book specifically on final table situations, as those vary drastically from standard tournament situations. This book will most likely be a year or two down the road as I haven’t started working on it.

So far, I am very happy with the series. I believe Volume 1 and 2 discuss all the concepts I view as important to playing tournament poker at a high level and I think Volume 3 clearly demonstrates how to apply the concepts.

PNB: Volume 3 of the series is similar to Volume 3 of Harrington on Hold’em in that it’s a workbook; was this planned from the outset?

JL: Not at all. I did not model my series of books off any other series. My goal was to explain everything I view as important about tournament poker them give a ton of examples, which is exactly what I have done.

PNB: Could you give my readers a little bit of insight into how you determined the point values you set forth for each possible decision in the hand examples?

JL: Basically, when presented with any decision in no limit Holdem, there is usually one great decision, one slightly worse decision, and then numerous significantly worse decisions. I wanted to let the reader know when they picked a good but not great answer and also let them know when they were thinking poorly.

PNB: Anyone that follows you knows that poker coaching is a big part of your life, what is it that drives you to want to impart the knowledge you have amassed and what is the most rewarding part of being a poker coach?

JL: When I first started playing, if it wasn’t for the wealth of knowledge in a few poker forums and books, I would not have become the player I am today. I remember wasting countless hours poring through bad or useless material to find a few hidden gems of knowledge. If I can save numerous players a ton of time, I am happy to because I think everyone’s time is important and should be used wisely.

PNB: Are there any other books or other projects in the pipeline?

JL: I am basically finished writing Positive Poker, a psychology book, with psychologist and poker player Dr Patricia Cardner. That should be out in the near future. I also recently released a 14 part series demonstrating short stacked poker on Amazon called Crushing Small Stake Tournaments. I also spend a lot of time making training videos for and I work closely with instapoker, bluesharkoptics, and 3bet clothing.

PNB: And finally, what does your 2013 WSOP schedule look like?

JL: I plan on playing a WSOP event basically every day. I’m looking forward to two solid months of hard work.

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