A look at PokerStars VIP Club Hall of Fame

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pokerstars-vip-clubEither this is a really new feature on the PokerStars website or I fall into a Rip Van Winkleesque slumber and just missed it, but apparently PokerStars has a VIP Club Hall of Fame. If it wasn’t for this article about the newest member of the 5,000,000 VPP Club on Pokerfuse.com I would still be in the dark about the Stars HOF, but now that it’s been brought to my attention I’ve decided to take a look at the players that makeup the PokerStars VIP Club Hall of Fame.

There are three tiers to the HOF at this point, the 10 million, 5 million, and 1 million Lifetime VPP’s, and each level offers players passing muster progressively better rewards. For 1 million lifetime VPP’s a player gets his name added to the HOF roster; for 5 million lifetime VPP’s a bio is added, as well as the person receiving a customized TAG Heuer watch and access to direct support from PokerStars via IM; for 10 million lifetime VPP’s you receive an extended bio, phone support, and what Stars calls “A once in a lifetime trip” which is designed by the player and PokerStars.

For the complete bios and more information on the PokerStars VIP Club Hall of Fame inductees you can visit: http://www.pokerstars.com/vip/hall-of-fame/

10 Million VPP Club (1 player)

Only one player has achieved this honor so far, George “jorg95” Lind.

5 Million VPP Club (20 players)

* Matt ‘showtime’ Johnson

* ‘IntenseDawg’

* Yueliang ‘MILANTTII’ Gong

* Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier

* Alexander ‘k345’ Morozov

* Randy ‘nanonoko’ Lew

* Grayson ‘spacegravy’ Physioc

* William ‘wpr101’ Ross

* Max ‘Chisness’ Chiswick

* ‘Fishenzon’

* Juan José ‘JC-TheGuide’ Chavez

* Sergey ‘AironVega’ Oleynik

* Rodrigo ‘caprioli’ dos Santos Caprioli

* Jorge ‘twin-caracas’ Arias

* Jason ‘Prairie Hawk’ Grad

* Spencer ‘scossett’ Cossette

* Ryan ‘knifefish8’ Garitta

* Ryan ‘king10clubs’ Madsen

* Darin ‘darinvg’ Van Gammeren

* Tian ‘wobbly_au’ Shou

1 Million VPP Club (64 players)

* nanonoko

* ElkY

* Dariominieri

* JC-TheGuide

* Jorj95

* wpr101

* MeleaB

* scossett

* anguila

* ffguitarguy

* Prairie Hawk

* sly caveat

* Octavian_C

* L0ve2playU

* Ca$hmanBrian

* spidey_85

* wobbly_au

* m3nix

* Chisness

* dombomain33

* krissyb24

* neomorf

* Tpirahna

* YaDaDaMeeN21

* talonchick

* slayerv1fan

* $-Twackle-$

* Ace0fDiamond

* bencb789

* k345

* caprioli

* spacegravy

* acoimbra

* 2PairWind

* esvik

* Odd_Oddsen

* darinvg

* _salaz4r_

* phasE89

* santiga

* dhilton12

* BigBadBluff4

* Marius2910

* ttlolka

* BCM11

* antchev

* Lukro8

* Sooo Tilted

* Griefer25

* ph3n0men0n

* Pdogedog

* bigstealer

* bigwilber420

* BlueBear

* Nussdorf

* Picasso25

* ynd!

* AlexanderPAB

* Edgy420

* albierie

* tonchik

* leo2222

* x_ROSH125_x

* daddyrnac


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