Upcoming Full Tilt/AGCC hearing to be held in private

Posted by Steve Ruddock on Sep 16, 2011 Posted in Online Poker News, Poker Room News | 2 Comments »

Poker fans are rightly outraged with the recent news that the upcoming Aldernay Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) hearing regarding Full Tilt Poker will be held in private. Even the Executive Director of the AGCC had harsh words for the decision, which he expressed in a recent statement issued on the AGCC website.

Hopefully the decision to hold the meeting in private will thwart any attempts by Full Tilt Poker to further adjourn the hearing.

Here is a look at the most recent statement issued by the AGCC:

“The Commissioners of AGCC forming the tribunal dealing with the regulatory hearing into the affairs of FTP have decided that the hearing will continue on Monday 19th September 2011 but that it be held ‘in camera’. This determination was reached following a pre-hearing application by FTP to further adjourn the hearing.

“André Wilsenach, Executive Director, stated:

“I am pleased that the FTP hearing will continue as scheduled, as was argued on my behalf. However, I am disappointed with the tribunal’s decision that, notwithstanding my arguments to the contrary, the hearing will be held in private. I believe the public has a right to know the reasoning behind the decisions to suspend FTP’s licences and call a hearing, and to hear the evidence that will be put forward on my behalf. It is my understanding that the tribunal conducted a difficult balancing exercise of the interests of the various parties, taking into account the legal arguments for and against further postponing the hearing, and for and against allowing the public to attend the proceedings.”

“As a consequence of the tribunal’s decision members of the public will not be able to attend the hearing. A further statement will be made at the earliest possible opportunity.”

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2 Responses to “Upcoming Full Tilt/AGCC hearing to be held in private”

  1. Horrible Hank says:

    Just fired off a email of protest to the AGCC and I suggest everyone else do the same. My site is howtoplayonlinepokerforbeginners.blogspot.com

    It only takes a second to do. I’ve included what I’ve just sent them!

    Thanks for nothing!

    I cannot believe you allowed the people at Full Tilt a closed door meeting again. You have done a complete disservice to people who play online poker!. You had the chance to do the right thing and you did not. I bet you don’t have any money on the site so you people don’t care. I hope an investigative journalist does a complete review and follow the money trail to see if their are monitary reasons why you guys could not do the obvious. You even have the balls to move the hearings to Monday so that you can accomodate the visitors! So all the people who plan on going just wasted their money. You owe those people an apology! You owe the whole online poker community an apology! We know none is coming and you have just proved yourself no better than Full Tilt, Al Capone, or any number of corrupt politicicans, and dictators who screw people over.

    I am very dissapointed and disgusted. To think I thought you guys would do the right thing! You have just proven online poker has no integrity nor the will to set high standards needed. You leave us no choice but to hope for Goverment intervention and close all sites except for Goverment run sites. Its obvious you cannot police yourselves. You look as dirty as Full Tilt and worse because your allowing this travesty to be covered up in silence. Shame on you!

    Horrible Hank

  2. john davis says:

    Yeah this is pretty bad for us players. We’ll probably never get to hear the real story behind this.

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