Bubble Protection catching on in the poker world

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Over the past six months or so you have probably heard of a new poker site called Bubble Protection, and if you are like most people you are probably wondering what it is that this site is offering and how it would be useful to you. Before I get into how well-received Bubble Protection has been in the poker world let me first explain precisely what it does.

Basically Bubble Protection allows players to their tournament buy-in if they are eliminated on the bubble –the spots just outside the money in a poker tournament. Bubble Protection covers 10% the tournaments entries, so in a 1,000 player tournament where the top 100 finishers make the money, a further 100 players would be covered by Bubble Protection.

Players can choose to use Bubble Protection for any tournament they enter listed on the Bubble Protection website by typing in their screen-name and selecting the event. The player will then receive their “premium” the amount that Bubble Protection would cost them for this tournament, at which point they can either choose to purchase the Bubble Protection or forego Bubble Protection.

According to their website, Bubble Protection offers players the following benefits:

* Protect Your Bankroll

* Play Better, Play Safer

* Easy To Use

* Safe, Secure, Private

* Best Protection Available

The company has been catching on with online poker players, and some of the top tournament players in the world have signed-on as spokespeople for the site, including the winningest player in online poker tournament history Chris “Moorman1” Moorman. Moorman was announced as the company spokesman in November.

In addition to Moorman, Bubble Protection advocates also include November Niner Ylon Schwartz, WPT Champion Will “The Thrill” Failla, and online tournament legend Casey “BigDogPckt5s” Jarzabek.

However, Bubble Protection isn’t simply for top tournament players, or players competing in high-buy-in events; Bubble Protection can be an effective tool in reducing variance for players of all skill levels, reducing variance and giving you an unseen edge over your fellow tournament players.

Think about it this way: We are told how some players tighten-up on the Bubble, trying to squeak into the money, so what if you no longer have this concern! Bubble Protection allows you to play your normal game and attack this “scared money” knowing that you haven’t bubbled. With the amount of a minimum cash so close to the buy-in, players using Bubble Protection can accumulate a lot of chips during this stage of the tournament without the added fear of going out short of the money.

For more information on Bubble Protection or to create a Bubble Protection account you can visit their website at www.bubbleprotection.com

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