Poker News Boy Delivers it’s first News story

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Poker News Boy

Poker News Boy officially delivers it’s first news story. It might not be ground breaking, but it will always be remembered as the first. Poker News Boy or PNB for short is the newest Poker News site on the Internet. However, don’t let our inexperienced site fool you. I have been involved in writing Poker News articles as a freelance writer for a while now. Which I don’t usually get credited for. So this is my Poker News Site. With the stories I want to write about. Written the way I want to write.

Poker News Boy will be updated daily with up to date stories from around the world. I also plan to bring in a few featured writers in the future so that the Poker News Headlines keep coming in. PNH is based in N.Ireland. But we will be bring you Poker News from around the globe. However, don’t be surprised to see news popping in from the UK and Ireland.

I, myself, play poker regularly, and can usually be found playing most of the decent event’s in Ireland. I am also a sponsored poker player. Which means I play for free. What it means is Gloss Poker pay me to play poker wearing their gear. Which surprisingly I really don’t mind. Their gear is cool. So you might also find some stories coming out from Gloss Poker. Just because it’s where I play the most. I use my alias: Donker.

So now you have meet me. The original Poker News Boy. Lets get back to work. Hope you enjoy the site and the poker news headlines that we will be bringing.

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