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Poker has seen a number of “Ironman” records broken at the tables in the past few years, most notably Phil Laak’s consecutive-hour streak (which was recently broken yet again), but this time around it will be a poker podcast that goes for the record. Hosts of the Filthy Limper Radio show at will attempt to break the record for the longest continuous podcast with the same hosts as they put on a 50+ hour podcast as part of a fundraiser for the Foundation.

The “Ironman” podcast, as it is being called, is set to kick-off on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 and will feature a number of guests from all different walks of life, including representatives of the foundation and other organizations dedicated to eradicating the syndrome, as well as a number of people from the poker world and friends of the show. The goal of the show, and its hosts Johnny Sep and Brandon Gerson, is to stay on the air for at least 50 hours setting a world record and more importantly raising awareness for the 22Q11.2 deletion which affects up to 1-in-2,000 children.

In a press release co-host Johnny Sep explained the purpose of the “Ironman” podcast, “We are hoping to do all we can to raise awareness of this serious syndrome that plagues so many children, and contribute whatever fundraising we can for the Foundation,”

The 22Q11.2 Deletion was only recently discovered, which means research, funding, and assistance for those afflicted is still in its infancy. Experts believe the syndrome is the second most common in children and because of the lack of awareness often goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. With bringing awareness one of their primary goals, the foundation is excited about the prospects of getting the message to the poker community and Vegas Poker Radio listeners.

About Vegas Poker Radio

Vegas Poker Radio hosts a number of different online podcasts focusing on poker, gambling, and other lifestyle and cultural topics. The premiere show in the lineup is Filthy Limper Radio hosted by Johnny Sep, Brandon Gerson, and Kevin Wright. is constantly adding new, innovative podcasts to their rotation. You can visit the site at

About the Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals affected by the 22q11.2 Syndromes through family and professional partnerships. As a new diagnosis in the medical field, 22Q is identified under many names, and one of the primary goals of the Foundation is to raise public awareness of the affliction, including their “Same Name Campaign” designed to bring all of the 22Q deletions and duplications under a single umbrella. The foundation also works hard on many fronts to raise money for research and provide aid to families affected by the 22Q deletion.

For more information on the Foundation you can visit their website at

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