Poker Hand Rankings

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Poker is an ever growing game that requires a lot of skill but also luck is most certainly involved. Poker has risen rapidly due to the vast sums of money available as prize money in the major tournaments. The World Series of Poker is now the key tournament with the top 10 in the tournament now all receiving $1 million dollars. This is further backed up with a first prize of $8 million.

Poker is so popular around the world due to the big money involved with the game having made a vast number of people millionaires in the process. There are also some amazing stories of players making life changing sums of money through long runs in tournaments. The most recent being the rookie Scott Blumstein from New Jersey who won a staggering $8.1m through winning the World Series of Poker.

There are those certain times in which the best hands occur and shock everyone involved. The best of them all is of course the Royal Flush. This hand is extremely rare in Poker and the actual chance of achieving this is a staggering 649,739/1. When these incredible Poker hands occur it comes down to the player playing the game the best they can in order to gain the most money from it. Many times players can have incredible hands but gain Minimul cash from them due to others players becoming aware of the strength of the players hand.

Next on the list of Top Poker hands is the Straight Flush. This is where a player will get a series of 5 cards of the same suit. Another very rare occurrence in the game in which the odds of achieving it are 72,192/1. This infographic will look at both of these are all the other top hands in Poker and the odds of players actually achieving them. Check out the latest on the best online casino UK page here.

Poker Hand Ranker

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