Rush Poker

full tilt rush poker

Rush Poker is one of the most exciting offerings we’ve seen in the wonderful world of online poker in a long long time, and it’s only available at Full Tilt Poker. The game is played just like a game of Texas Holdem, only to make things interesting, and exciting, there’s a bit of musical chairs mixed in.

First the cards are dealt, just like they’re dealt in every game of Holdem.

Next, instead of the usual check boxes below that let you decide if you’ll be checking or folding, or min-raising when your turn arrives, you’ll be presented with a new option, there where the boxes are usually located you will find a “Quick Fold” button.

rush poker quick fold

Click that button at any time during game play and you’ll be magically whisked away to a new table, where you’ll immediately be given a new hand to play.

Back at your old table, no one knows you’re gone until it’s your turn, and realistically, most of them are gone too. On your turn, your hand is mucked, and you receive your FPP credit for being in the hand.

At your new table, the process repeats again, cards are dealt, you decide if you’d like to play, or ‘quick fold’. You can opt to wait until your turn if you prefer not to quick fold. If you should decide to play the hand, then everything else happens just the same as it would in every other hand of holdem.

rush poker

There’s no rush to the rest of the hand, and it’s important to remember that. You have all the time you’ve always had to make your decisions, so use it, don’t let the adrenaline of the game take over. In fact, if someone at your table gets disconnected, they have a full minute and a half to get reconnected, pure agony if you’re in the big blind, trust me.

The strategy is very different from normal poker games, much of this is because you’re not always playing against the same 5-9 people.  Here are some Rush Poker Tips.

The key to Rush Poker strategy on Full Tilt is to be grab happy, but to grab loosely. The average strategy at the Rush tables is very very tight. You’ll run into tight submissive players, and tight aggressive players, but for the most part, you can count on tight.

Countering that strategy with a pretty loose one is profitable for obvious reasons. However, if a player shows even the mildest interest in a hand, be ready to let go.

rush poker tournaments

Rush poker is available in both cash games, and more recently in tournaments at Full Tilt Poker. Coincidentally, Full Tilt Poker is currently offering a 100% deposit bonus to new players up to a total of $600 in bonus money. So if you really want to kick ass at the Full Tilt Poker tables, start by depositing $600, and immediately double up with Full Tilt Bonus Code ‘PNB’.

Bonus clearing at the Rush Poker tables is intense, open up 3 six handed tables, and you’ll literally clear $600 in a few hours.

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