Wyoming looks to soften poker laws

Posted by Steve Ruddock on May 21, 2010 Posted in Legal Poker News, US Poker News | No Comments »

It’s only fitting that a state known for Cowboys would be among the first to consider easing up their laws and restrictions on social poker games. Wyoming legalized non-profit poker games back in 2007, allowing clubs and bars –as well as home poker games—to run non-raked games, but apparently the wording of the law has left many Wyoming residents unsure over the legality of “Social” poker games.

The wording in question in the 2007 legislation that was aimed to allow poker games provided the house is not taking a cut is “among players who have a bona fide social relationship”. It seems many Wyoming residents, and even law enforcement officials are unclear as to what precisely this entails. The Wyoming legislature is looking into striking the sentence “bona fide social relationship” from the law.

According to TRIB.com, an online Wyoming newspaper, in a brilliant argument on the floor one representative asked the question “what is the difference between poker and bingo.” She was answered by Representative Kit Jennings who said, “The difference between Texas Hold’em and bingo is that no self-respecting cowboy would be caught playing bingo!” Now that’s a state representative I could vote for!

Hopefully the language can be clarified, and more states will follow Wyoming’s lead in legalizing the game of poker.

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