2013 WSOP Notebook Day 2: Complainsaw strikes and more

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wsop 2013This year PokerNewsBoy.com will be bringing you all of the important news from the World Series of Poker, but we’ll also be scouring the Internet for some of the little tidbits that fall through the cracks. Our daily WSOP Notebook column will focus on anything controversial, funny, or just downright strange, so if you happen across an interesting bit of information please post it here: OFFICIAL 2013 News and Notes and if we find it newsworthy it will make the column along with a special thanks to the person who brought it to light.

Michael Phelps sighting

Generally the big name celebrities come out for the World Series of Poker main Event, but there are a few that have caught the poker bug, and chief among them is Michael Phelps –who has like 300 Gold Medals in swimming. Thanks to a tip by PFO user Hotshott74 I did a little digging and Phelps was right there on Day 1 of the WSOP playing in the $5k 8-Max NLHE tournament. Furthermore Phelps made Day 2 of the tournament but failed to reach the money.

The next question will be: Will Michael Phelps play a full WSOP schedule? Followed by the final question: NOT, will Michael Phelps win a bracelet, but will Michael Phelps multi-register for multiple events a la Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan?

Kessler gonna Kessler… even on Day 1

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t see this coming…


Please @WSOPTD 30 min dinner breaks on 5pm events don’t work. Either make all the breaks 15 mins, or make the dinner break 45 mins on these.

Complainsaw’s Tweet had one of his good friends, Raymond Davis, chuckling, as Davis posted on Facebook: “Dam you Allen Kessler!!!! I just lost a big bet, I bet you wouldnt complain til the second day of the WSOP!!!!!!”

Guy gossips about Phil Ivey to Phil Ivey

Ah, the WSOP where so many “insiders” congregate and try to pretend they are in the know. And so it was that Tony Dunst found himself at the Rio Poker Tables when the following exchange happened which Dunst relayed to Twitter:


Old guys joins table and gets into discussion about @philivey while remaining completely oblivious that he’s directly across with him.

Was talking about 12 mil baccarat session and said “He was playing with his girlfriend.” Phil nearly had a seizure.


The best part was when Phil asked him if reading marked cards is cheating, and then Tuan Lam asked “Have you ever met Phil?”


Russ Hamilton gets the Akhenaten treatment

“Nothing to see here! Move along!”

russ banner

Picture courtesy of the pokernews.com Twitter account.


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