WSOP Notebook: Rio cash grab One Drop update and more

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There was some very strange goings on at the Rio yesterday as a player had $50,000 jacked from them at a poker table while they had walked away. In this installment of the WSOP Notebook I’ll touch on this breaking story as well as fill you in on a new addition to the One Drop roster.

Esfandiari will be playing One Drop

It looks like the One Drop field is virtually set, with the possible addition of just a couple more names thanks to the hard-cap of 48 players (but are they really going to turn away two players with $1,000,000 in hand????). The latest person to announce their participation is Antonio Esfandiari, who broke the news on Twitter saying:

“MagicAntonio Antonio Esfandiari Thanks for all the support. No more pieces available for One Drop. Wiiish me luck !!”

Player loses $50k at the Rio poker tables –without playing a hand!

If you’ve spent any time in cardrooms you know that when a player gets up they simply leave their chips on the tabled to secure their seat, and you are probably liked me and felt the cardroom would take care of your chips while you were gone.

But yesterday at the Rio it appears that something completely different occurred, brought to you by the poker pro Ray Henson, who was a few tables away when the incident occurred:

“Wow playing WSOP live action, some guy walks up to a seat that a player is away from and says “my friend wants me to cash him out” & makes off with like 50k! Obv by the time the guy comes back to table the culprit was long gone! They are taking reports from everyone now but says he is responsible for his own money.”

“For those of you askin about the “robbery” at Rio last night, no th players in the game didn’t stop him! Unbelievable! I wasn’t at the table but I was a few tables over. Obv the story has prolly been exaggerated, but that’s what I heard right away. I’m sure that the WSOP live action floor staff will be able to find out who it was and I’m sure he will be caught, but he did get away last night!”

Obviously the Rio is 100% completely at fault here, as the dealer should have never allowed anyone but the actual player to walk off with chips. Since we are not allowed to pick-up our chips when we leave the table (this would forfeit your seat in the game) poker players have always been led to believe that the cardroom was their protection from this sort of activity.

As soon as we have more of an update on the outcome of the stolen money we’ll be sure to post it.

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