Best Online Poker Rooms For Cash Players

Choosing the best online poker room for cash players can be something that takes time and research in order to find the right poker room for you but the main requirement is that you need to be honest in regards to your playing ability level.

If you are experienced within the online poker market and have had previous winning experience and you are looking to play high stakes action then you would be better playing at one of the biggest online poker rooms like PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker.

Where as if your ability level is more average or you have a small amount of experience within the online poker cash tables, you would be better joining one of the smaller sites due to the number of professional and semi professional players who can be found on the bigger sites.

Obviously you want to avoid players who are stronger players than yourself as the aim is to beat your opponents and take a share of their bankroll, not surrender yours to them.

So first lets have a look at the two bigger online poker rooms for players who are more experienced within their play and are looking for higher staked play.

$600 PokerStars Bonus

PokerStars is the worlds biggest online poker room and is a hugely popular online poker room that offers a home to a number of professional and high profile poker players, offering stakes up to $1000/$2000 at some tables.

You need to have the ability to be able to hold your own at this level or you could find yourself on the receiving end of a beatings when the showdown happens, leaving you with a serious dent in your online poker bankroll.

As with all online poker rooms, you will find lower staked tables at the site too but you have to be aware that the level of players at the site will be significantly higher than if you were to join smaller poker room.

$600 Full Tilt Bonus

Full Tilt Poker is yet another home for online poker professionals and sharks who are looking to win a share of the money that you are putting on the line.

Stake levels are similar to that of PokerStars so you will be able to flex your virtual chest if you are looking to hit the higher stake tables and become the next Isildur1.

Once again the level of players at the site is high and you will rarely find a player who is completely new to the game so you have to expect that anyone that you are facing off against is competent within the game and the strategies involved.

Now that we have covered the poker rooms that would be more suited to the higher stake players with a good level of experience, lets have a look at the smaller poker rooms that would prove to be a better choice for the less advanced players and those who are just starting out.

Everest Poker

Everest Poker are a great online poker room that offers a home to a variety of poker players who span across a large range of poker playing ability and with that in mind, is a great place for new players to get started out.

The fact that the room is a breeding ground for new and inexperienced players means that you are able to use your knowledge and strategies to extract as many chips out of your unaware opponent as you can, increasing your winning potential.

All you have to remember is that if you are entering into an online poker room that plays host to a high level of new and inexperienced online players, you are more likely to get calls from your opponents, so ensure you have a genuine winning hand before making your move.

Titan Poker

Titan Poker are a well known online poker room that has one a number of awards for their level of customer service that they offer to their members, meaning that it has to be one of the first choices when it comes to starting out your online cash poker journey.

The site offers a good mix of ability across the stakes, so you will be able to find any level of play that you want all at one site, from the lower stake tables which play host to the less experienced players to the higher stakes that play home to the more seasoned players.


PKR is a great online poker room that offers a completely new definition to the online poker gaming experience, creating a 3D gaming environment.

Cash poker offerings are great at the site but you tend to find that the players who join the site are more average to advanced players due to the fact that novices could be overwhelmed by the features the site offers.

The players at the tables vary in ability but past experience shows that there are more average ability players than advanced so you can get your fair share of the takings and increase your bankroll.

In summary of what we have just revealed, the best online poker rooms for cash poker players are:

Advanced/Strong Players – Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars
New/Inexperienced Players – Everest Poker

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