Dan “jungleman12” Cates caught in another lie

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The allegations and admissions of guilt just keep piling up for Daniel “jungleman12” Cates. The once godlike online poker legend now finds himself in the middle of a firestorm –mostly of his own doing—where the truth is being uncovered little by little, and each time “jungleman” seems to shrug his shoulders and say “oh well”.

Cates had to “redo” an interview with Vanessa Selbst and Noah Stephens-Davidowitz after he admitted to lying in the first interview, and now another instance of lying has emerged. The latest admission by Cates is that he did in fact play on Jose Macedo’s Lock Poker account “Girahh” –this after denying having done so in interviews.

Perhaps more damning is Cates’ handling of the situation, where he essentially tries to buy-off the person he Multi-Accounted by offering some form of compensation –either coaching or a small amount of money.

Here is the nonchalant way this all came to light in a post by jungleman on 2+2:

“i did not dump chips to jose btw, that was haseeb… tbh it was not even my idea 

“fellow reputable high stakes regulars, what do you think tyler is entitled to given that I played him under girahs acct? I suggest that Lock should decide, since it was their terms that I believe I broke by playing on his acct… Tyler seems to think he should get all of the money back, but obviously it’s in his incentive to do so. Note that there are precedents to this event–never has anyone been given a refund for maing as far as I am aware.

“Also, I’ve asked 3 very reputable high stakes regulars so far, and 1 said he should MAYBE get a little back, 1 said he should get 0 back, and 1 said he doesnt know.

“btw tyler, if you make a big deal out of this you will mostly only succeed in making us both looks worse. I think less than 20 % of reputable players think you should get all of it back.”

Here is a look at the text exchange posted by jungleman at 2+2.

An absolutely amazing exchange, giving you a glimpse into the inner workings of Daniel Cates’ mind. Not only does he flippantly ask the other person what it will take to shut him up, he pays no heed to the fact that the other person used to look up to him. For jungleman this is all about dollars and cents and what it will do to him publicly –he even goes so far as to say as the following:

Tyler: Do you think youre the victim here?

Dan Cates: lol no, but I dont want my rep ruined further!

asking lock to deal with it is very reasonable

odd for you to say I was your idol but completely dick me

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