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Over the last couple of weeks, Victory Poker has been dominating the headlines with stories about Victory Poker moving to Cake, and then the story being confirmed. So PokerNewsBoy thought it be a good time to catch up with Victory Poker CEO, Dan Fleyshman.

First of all I would like to say a big thank you to Dan for taking the time out of his busy schedule to give us this Interview.

PNB: So to start us of Dan, can you tell us how you came to the point you are now? How did the “Who’s your Daddy?” brand turned into Victory Poker?

Dan: Well I started Who’s Your Daddy when I was 17 years old as a clothing line. Made and lost a few million until I was 23 going through the rollercoasters of business and then took it public on the stock market to focus on the energy drink. Got the drinks to be rated #1 flavor out of 900 in the world, 2 years in a row and placed it into over 40,000 stores through 46 distributors.  Then after building the brand for 10 years I decided to resign to “put another feather in my cap” and try something else. There is a new CEO running that company and I decided to launch Victory Poker after Antonio Esfandiari agreed to be the “Face” of the brand.

PNB: So now your in charge of Victory Poker. Did you see it becoming a success as fast as it has?

Dan: I always felt like it would do well if I got the right mix of pro’s and spent a few million on marketing like I did, but never expected it too happen so quickly. There’s just so many players & affiliates that I didn’t think of in all these different countries that keep joining.

PNB: So to the topic everyones been talking about recently, and probably one of the worst kept secrets in the poker industry at the minute. Victory Poker moving to Cake. So when did you decide that was the best move for Victory Poker?

Dan: I realized a few months ago at the gaming convention in Prague that I really liked what CAKE was doing and how they handle everything from marketing to the Twoplustwo community. The fact that they received their Malta license and had all these great guaranteed tournaments and Gold Stack Reward systems I thought I could go in there and do really well.  The executives of Cake really understand my passion for marketing and wanting to help build their already successful network, so I’m already happy with my decision even though we don’t go live until Sep. 1st

PNB: So on September 1st Victory Poker will move from Everleaf to Cake. Everleaf couldn’t have been happy with that considering the fact that Victory Poker had put them on the map plus over doubled their traffic. So how did they react when you told them?

Dan: Everleaf has responded SO much better then expected. I’ve had a great relationship with their upper management and I’ve always respected their passion to succeed. I did make them famous but they took that ball and ran with it very well by signing over 50 new skins since I got there. They must have like 80 skins or more there now, it’s so impressive. Even if they’re smaller skins when you times that by 80 plus a few bigger ones on that network, it adds up. I’m so thankful that they have handled everything so smoothly.

PNB: It’s good to hear you and Everleaf parted on good terms. However, In my oppinion although Everleaf was trying there hardest I still think they might have been holding back Victory Poker. Do expect to see another big leap forward now that Victory Poker has joined an established skin that can handle the needs of Victory Poker better?

Dan: OH YEAH!!!!! We’re going to do so well on Cake I’m so excited. They have strong liquidity of games 24 hours a day, 20k to 100k guaranteed tournaments everyday, loads of co-promotions for us to do together, etc. Couple that with their great processing and customer service and it makes me a very happy camper.

PNB: So what’s next for Victory Poker. Have you any plans now that you have joined Cake. Or are you still focusing on the transition period?

Dan: I’m always thinking about what’s next! I’d like to sign some international pro’s that fit the crew. I’m doing a photoshoot on Sep. 4th of Sara Underwood, Emma Glover, Rosie Jones & Victoria Moore having a Cake fight for some fun ads and videos. Plus I’m gonna do a big push for the 100k sponsorship contest as more and more videos have been coming in

PNB: Talking about some of the Poker Pro’s that you have signed. You always seem to be surrounded by beautiful women. Sara Underwood as a prime example. Is that the best thing about being the Victory Poker CEO and who or what type of Poker pro are you looking to sign up next?

Dan: The beautiful women thing is just part of certain industries like fashion/music/tv/gaming/etc. the fans and customers of these different industries like that sort of thing so I didn’t reinvent the wheel or anything, I just streamlined the process and made it natural. Our latest video that we put out with the models got 14,000 views in the past 4 days just on youtube alone.  The models are not the best part of being Victory Poker CEO, seeing thousands and thousands of people from different countries continuously signing up to the poker site and seeing the media react to what I’m doing is what the best feeling is to me. I guess the answer is, the fact that it’s “working” is the best part. —– As far as the type of pro’s that I’m looking to sign next,,, international players with notoriety in the high stakes world online or offline similar to Odonkor1 and James Obst that are great parts of the team.

PokerNewsBoy would like to recommend all our poker player readers to try out Victory Poker and would like to let current Victory Poker players that they don’t have to worry about the Victory Poker change over from Everleaf to Cake as Victory Poker will be transferring everything over seamlessly. You will only need to download the new software.

And players looking to sign up to Victory Poker can also check out to get Rakeback at Victory Poker when signing up.

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