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If you’ve ever participated in a home poker tournament you’ve likely seen a number of disputes, mistakes, and headaches arise over one particular facet of the game: The tournament clock. Whether it’s a player forgetting to call out a level increase, or constant questions about when the level is up or how much time is left –which requires the person keeping track to root through their pocket for their phone, killing the flow of the tournament—the tournament clock is an instrumental part of any poker tournament. With the new Poker Clock software these problems are now a thing of the past.

Poker Clock is a free software program that can be downloaded to your PC, Laptop, or even your smart-phone, allowing you to choose the blind structure and the length of the levels, at which point Poker Clock takes over and handles the rest of the details, including a full display of the pertinent details! Poker Clock doesn’t simply keep track of the time, it allows you to increase or decrease the remaining time in any level; skip a level entirely; and perhaps most importantly, pause the tournament at any point –perfect for color-ups, breaks, or any other situation that may arise.

Unlike other tournament clocks, Poker Clock is managed online which allows any number of players in the tournament to synchronize their smart-phones or other devices and display the Poker Clock features –perfect for tournaments with more than one table. This is perhaps Poker Clock’s most important feature, but far from the only thing you can do with this cutting edge software. Here is a look at all of the different things you can do with Poker Clock:

All the customisable fields are fed into the clock display. This is then shown during the tournament and provides the following information relevant to participating players:

* Name of Tournament

* Current Time

* Current Level/Time Left in Level/Blinds/Antes

* Number of Entries/Rebuys/Addons

* Total Chips in Play

* Total Prize-Pool

* Blinds at Next Level

* Time until Next Break

* Players Left/Average Chip Stack

* Pay-out Structure

The clock is interactive, so once the tournament is running, the organiser can make the following adjustments:

* Number of Entries

* Number of Players (ie, adjusted as players go out)

* Rebuys & Add-Ons

* Pause the tournament

* Skip to next/previous level

* Adjust time left on level

To take the Poker Clock tour, or for a free Poker Clock download, you can head on over to the

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