The durrr ‘Live Challenge’ has its first taker

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Durr Challenge

Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan recently issued his second challenge-match; this time in the real world with cards, poker chips, and a living breathing dealer. Before I get to whom his first opponent will be, here are the specifics of the challenge:

•    The match will take place next month in London
•    Dwan’s opponent may choose between Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), or No Limit Hold’ Em (NLHE)
•    Each player puts up $500,000
•    Blinds are set at $500/$1,000
•    Both players must play a minimum of 500 hands or until one goes busto

Dwan’s first challenger is the rather unknown (at least to US players), Sammy “any two” George. While he’s a relatively obscure name to Americans, George is one of Europe’s top poker players, and has appeared on many poker shows throughout Europe. George’s reason for accepting the match: “With Phil Ivey and Patrick Antonius, you are talking about guys I rate quite highly. Guys like Durrrr to me are normal, you know, they’re nothing special.” It will be curious to see how this comment is taken by Dwan, and I’d expect some serious trash-talking throughout the heads-up confrontation.

Of course, Dwan is already enmeshed in another challenge match, with Patrik Antonius, taking place at the tables on Full Tilt Poker. Dwan stated that nobody could beat him over 50,000 hands of online poker. The winner would not only keep the profits from the match, but durrr would add an additional $1.5 million if he was bested – his opponent would merely have to pay-out $500,000.

After a lot of back and forth in recent months –without naming names—between poker’s old guard and the Internet superstars of today’s game; I’d like to see Doyle Brunson and Tom Dwan go at it in a live poker game.  Doubtful this will happen, since Doyle really doesn’t get into these pissing contest matches, and would most likely not want to travel to London to take part in one. Now, if Dwan decides to offer the same match in Vegas…

Written by Steve Ruddock

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