Online Sportsbooks with Poker Rooms

[sg_popup id=1]There are plenty of all-encompassing online gaming sites currently on the market –sites that offer online poker, sports-betting, and casinos—but not all of them treat online poker in the same way. Some online sports-books that offer poker games do so as an afterthought, putting no effort or actual resources into the poker rooms; other online sportsbooks simply don’t have the player traffic to offer players the game selection that they can get at a site that solely offers online poker; and then there are the well-rounded sites that put poker and their sports-betting operation on the same footing.

It’s this last group of sites that I want to focus on in this article; sites where players can feel confident they are receiving terrific betting lines on sporting events, and can sit down and play poker at an online table where the rake is reasonable, the software is good, and the promotions and bonuses are what they deserve — All of this of course in a safe and controlled environment.

Very few things go together as well as sports-betting and poker, since both endeavors require a lot of effort to become proficient at, and both also allows players to actually be profitable if they are good enough. Not to mention the propensity of poker players to bet on virtually anything and everything! Because of this sports-bettors often partake in poker games (especially after a big score) and often times these sports-bettors overestimate their poker playing skills.

Here is a list of things we feel you should be on the lookout for when it comes to finding an online sportsbook that offers poker games:

Best Sportsbooks and Poker Sites

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Quick transfers between the sportsbook and poker room

This is one of the most important and most underestimated aspects that you should be on the lookout for when you join an online sports-book that also offers online poker games. If players cannot transfer their funds from the sportsbook to the poker room with the click of a mouse it’s unlikely you’ll find a lot of the sports-bettors who just hit it big playing in the poker room.

When a player has the urge to gamble they want to do it as quickly as possible, and the notion of having to wait two or three days for their money to go from the sports-book account to the poker room just isn’t going to sit well with the. If the transfer takes more than a few minutes it’s likely they will just make a large wager on a sporting event in lieu of hopping into a high-limit poker game, so always make sure that transfers can be done quickly ands easily.

Sites where sports-betting is the #1 focus, and where the poker room has strong traffic

It won’t do you any good if you register at a site where the poker room traffic is extremely low. Not only is this a problem for you, but it is also a turn-off for the types of sports-bettors we are trying to find –the ones who just hit it big and now want to jump into a high-stakes poker game to run their bankroll up even more!

If there are only a smattering of games running, and still fewer above the lower limits, these big winners will generally just throw their money away in the sportsbook. Remember their goal isn’t to grind their way to profits, they are trying to hit big, and hit fast! If the poker room doesn’t possess the traffic, or the stakes, that these players are looking for you’ll find yourself sitting with a bunch of bum-hunters in low-limit games.

If you want to find the whales, look for online sports-books with plenty of players that have online poker rooms with solid traffic numbers and at least a few mid to high—stakes gaming runs consistently.

Sites with excellent deposit bonuses for both poker and sports-betting

Casual players are often enticed by the BIG BOLD Deposit Bonuses most of the sites offer (more experienced players know to look for loyalty programs, but I’ll go into greater detail on this below). So, if you want to find the most casual players, and the types of players who may overestimate their skills after a big score, you’ll want to look for a site with a big deposit bonus, as these tend to attract the recreational players.

New online poker players pulled in by the enticing bonus offer at the site, even if they are fairly good poker players in live games, will have trouble adjusting to the online game, giving you a big advantage. This is even truer when it’s a player who has decided to give every betting outlet offered by the site a try. In these cases you’ll be pitted against someone who joined to make a few bets on an NFL season and now is reading the game-play rules for No Limit Holdem, thinking it looks like a pretty easy game!

Licensed and Regulated sites

Finally, and this should always be very high on your list, you want to play at a poker site that is licensed and regulated by a well-known regulatory body. In the post Black Friday world it’s very important that you feel your money is safe, and it’s also important that recreational players feel their money is safe, otherwise they will likely cash-out most of their winnings after a big win.

Licensed and regulated not only protect you, but they put potential players’ minds at ease. Look for sites with excellent track records and sites that clearly explain how they safeguard your money.

Caution: Avoid sites that cater to high-volume poker players

As important as all of the above things you should be, when it comes to looking for a site that offers sports-betting and poker there are certain things you should avoid as well. The most important thing to be wary of are sites that offer high rakeback deals or top-heavy VIP Loyalty Programs that are going to attract a lot of sharks and high-volume grinders to their poker tables –remember you’re not the only person looking to find the fish and the best deals!

For this reason you should think about foregoing the better loyalty programs and rakeback deals and seek out sites that have a much lower shark to fish ratio. Often time’s online grinders will simply avoid any online poker site that doesn’t offer a rakeback deal or offers a less than competitive VIP Program. This can be a cash windfall for good players who realize that the bulk of their profits are going to come from their play and not the site’s rewards program.

So even if a site doesn’t offer rakeback, or doesn’t have the best VIP Program don’t discard it out of hand until you see what kind of traffic the site and how tough the competition is.

List of Sportsbooks with Poker Rooms

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