A-Rod falls under scrutiny from MLB for poker games

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After his name was linked to the now infamous Hollywood poker games that will see Tobey Maguire in court before the end of the year, Alex Rodriguez has run afoul of Major League Baseball for the second time in his career over illegal poker games.

After rumors of A-Rod’s participation in these high-stakes poker games came to light in June, MLB began a probe to see if one of their biggest stars had broken his word to the Commissioner’s office when he stated in 2005, when he swore off playing in underground poker games. Now according to RadarOnline.com, A-Rod was a participant “in an underground, illegal poker game where cocaine was openly used, and even organized his own high-stakes game, which ended with thugs threatening players.”

The game became public knowledge in June when a lawsuit was filed that named among others Tobey Maguire as having participated in an illegal poker game where Ponzi scheme, hedge fund, manager, Daniel Rudenberg lost millions of dollars –money that belonged to victims of his Ponzi scheme.

Apparently the break in the investigation into A-Rod’s participation came from poker pro Dan Bilzerian, a regular in the game. According to Star Magazine:

Bilzerian told Star: “Molly ran one game at Cody’s mansion. [One player] got all coked up. Everyone had to chase Cody down for the money, and he later paid me a sum and gave me a watch but stiffed me for $100,000.”

Star has chosen not to disclose the name of the person using cocaine but can reveal that others at the game included Rick Salomon, and Kenny Tran, a professional poker player who won the 2008 World Series of Poker, according to Bilzerian.

With tempers at the table flaring, A-Rod tried to distance himself from the game, another insider told Star. “He just shook his head, not knowing what the hell happened,’’ the whistle-blower revealed.

The new allegations in the case are quite long and involve everything you would expect from a tabloid, including a hot steamy romance between A-Rod and the organizer of the games Molly Bloom, sister of NFL and Olympic athlete Jeremy Bloom –“Star also has learned that Molly, 33, claimed to have had a steamy affair with A-Rod.” But before we castigate any of the people mentioned in the story, or take the quotes as “to the letter” let’s just remember where the story is coming from!

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