France, Spain, Italy and Portugal sign Shared Liquidity Agreement

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Online Poker Signed By France, Spain, Italy and Portugal 

There were talks for a number of months that an online poker shared liquidity agreement would be on the table for a number of European countries as their respective online poker markets were struggling to survive independently. Those talks came to fruition on July 6 after France, Spain, Italy and Portugal signed an agreement that will see the four countries create an online poker shared liquidity network.

The four gaming regulators met in Rome on 06 July and signed an agreement confirming making shared online poker liquidity between the four countries legal. ARJEL, the French gaming regulator stated that shared liquidity could be launched before the end of the year but it is highly unlikely given the fact that a lot of work needs to be done to ensure that all four countries comply with the new gaming regulations that govern the shared liquidity arrangement.

Online poker operators will have to make changes to their technology and gaming platforms to see that players from these countries have access to their networks and also ensure that players outside these four countries do not have access. They will also have to come up with new promotions and events that will be attractive for players in all four countries.

One of the main reasons why online poker markets in Italy, Spain and France have suffered over the years is due to the fact that string gaming regulations drove players to unlicensed poker websites as they had more competition, offered better payouts and did not place loads of restrictions on players. Portugal is a relatively new online poker market as the gaming regulator in the country only started issuing online poker licenses late last year.

The gaming regulations for the new shared liquidity agreement state that only the four countries will be able to engage in shared liquidity. There were talks that Austria and Germany could also be interested in a shared liquidity arrangement but it seems as of now, those talks are on hold. The United Kingdom had also expressed interest in being a part of an online poker shared liquidity agreement but since Brexit talks are in process, the gaming regulator will be keen to see how things play out before engaging in any shared poker liquidity agreement.

There will be many gaming markets in the world who will be keeping a close eye on how the new shared liquidity network works out for the four European countries. If it turns out to be a success, the model could turn out to be a blueprint from a number of other countries as well as the United States.

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