Global Poker Index sold to former Chili Poker CEO

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One of the few assets held by the failed Federated Sports + Gaming that people assigned any value to was the Global Poker Index, a patent-pending formula for ranking the best tournament poker players in the world. The Global poker Index (GPI), along with the Heartland Poker Tour and other FS+G assets, were won at auction by Pinnacle Entertainment several months ago, and now the company has offloaded the GPI to former Chili Gaming CEO Alex Dreyfus according to a press release on the website.

“The GPI is the best poker ranking system in the world, and we plan to make it even better,” said Alex Dreyfus, CEO of Zokay Entertainment. “A ranking system of this caliber is needed in the poker industry to bring it in line with other competitive contests of skill and sports industries. The GPI provides a ranking system on par with those you would find in golf or tennis.”

GPI co-creator Eric Faulkner said, “I could not be more excited that the Global Poker Index is now part of the Zokay family… The new and innovative extensions of the GPI will further solidify the GPI as the global standard in live tournament poker rankings and garner an immense amount of regional excitement.”

Dreyfus’ company, Zokay Gaming, purchased the GPI for an undisclosed amount, and according to the press release plans are already in the works to revamp and improve the GPI, including the introduction of a year-end awards ceremony that will be unveiled in 2013 and feature such categories as GPI Player of the Year, Rising Star, and several awards that will be voted on GPI players such as Best Tournament Director, Best Event, and Best Venue.

The press release also stated that players landing on the GPI Top 300 index will receive special privileges via the GPI VIP Club. Players will also find a national ranking, where players from 17 countries will compete for the top honor against their fellow countrymen and women.

For his part Dreyfus has been a major player in the iGaming world over the years having started several well-known sites including Winimax and Chili Poker, the latter was sold to Bally Technologies recently. The French investor’s Zokay Entertainment currently runs the French DeepStacks Poker Open as well as iGaming France and

Since being introduced by the Epic Poker League in 2011 the GPI has become a go-to place for poker enthusiasts, and is considered one of the best ranking systems in poker. The GPI currently appears in USA Today and has partnered with to create the GPI Player of the Year race.

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