Poker Bot technology advancing according to NY Times

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This week’s sign of the poker apocalypse came from the NY Times Science section by way of Gabriel Dance and his column Poker Bots Invade Online Gambling. Dance describes how poker bot technology has been advancing by leaps and bounds in recent years, to the point where poker bots are now capable of winning at the online poker tables –rumors have been going around that bots have been successful up to the $100 NLHE games online—which is a definite concern for online poker players.

The article details how both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars have started cracking-down on poker bot users, and more alarmingly how many sites turn a blind eye to their use –mainly due to the amount of rake a poker bot would produce for an online poker room.

So while some sites like PokerStars are taking a hard-line approach to poker bots: “PokerStars is continuing to invest substantial resources to combat bots,” Michael Josem, a security manager at the site, said in an interview conducted via e-mail. “When a player is identified as a bot, PokerStars removes them from our games as soon as possible.” Their winnings are confiscated, he said, and the company will “provide compensation to players when appropriate.” It appears other sites are more forgiving if we are to believe Brian Jetter, the co-founder of one of the largest poker bot sellers on the Internet Shanky Technologies: who believes that Full Tilt Poker is losing at least $70,000 per month in revenue by shutting down his customers’ bots.

“They really must have wanted us gone,” Mr. Jetter said. “We don’t think the other poker rooms we support will make a similar financial decision.” Mr. Jetter says that while Shanky does not have any “official relationships with the poker rooms,” some of them look the other way when bots play.

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