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PokerStars, the biggest online poker website in the world recently announced via its blog that it will start introducing higher payouts from September 11, 2017. The online poker giant is estimated to dominate nearly 70 percent of the global poker market and is constantly trying to implement new process and procedures that will improve its global player experience and help it to continue being the market leader in online poker across the globe.

Higher Payout Percentages From September 11

Mike Jones, the PokerStars Operations Manager confirmed these changes last week via a blog post which stated that the company had decided to increase their payouts to ensure that more poker players finish in the money. In the past, it was usually the top 10 percent of poker players who ended up finishing in the money whether it was live poker or online poker tournaments. Poker organizers usually paid out around 10 percent of the pot and split it between the players who finished at the top.

That means if 100 poker players took part in a tournament, 90 players would walk away without any winnings. PokerStars wanted to change that model for quite some time as the company believed that if more poker players cashed out, they would be encouraged to return faster and play more poker. PokerStars had earlier raised the payout percentage from 10 percent to 16 percent and earlier this year increased it to 18 percent for a number of tournaments.

Two Percent Increase For Most Tournaments

Now the online poker giant has decided to increase the payout percentage by 2 percent for a number of poker tournaments taking place this year. This means that if the original payout percentage was 12 percent, it will now go to 14 percent. If it was fixed at 14 percent, it will now be increased to 16 percent and so forth. The maximum payout is expected to increase from 18 percent to 20 percent. Based on this new payout model, 5.5 players out of 10 will now be able to finish in the money.

Jones stated that the company decided to approve and rollout the new payout percentage because they wanted more players to have fun playing poker and one of the easiest ways to make that happen was to ensure they won more often. Tournaments that were already paying 20 percent to the field will not be impacted by these changes and close to 30 percent of PokerStars weekly recurring tournaments will also remain unaffected.

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