PokerStars Stars Hiring AI Engineers As The Company Plans To Deve

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PokerStars hasn’t released an official statement or made any blog post about its intention to use artificial intelligence (AI) to develop new products and services. However its parent company, the Stars Group has published official job descriptions seeking to hire Graduate Poker AI Research Engineers and Poker AI Research Engineers for its London and Dublin offices.

PokerStars Hiring AI Engineers

The job descriptions give us a glimpse into what the online poker giant plans to focus on in the coming months. PokerStars wants to develop an AI team that will focus on using AI as a platform to develop innovative products and games that will give poker players a unique experience as there are very few poker products in the market that currently leverage AI.

Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) caused the poker community to pay special attention to AI during the last couple of years as CMU first introduced Claudico – an AI program in 2015 that could play poker and compete against top poker players in the world. Claudico did provide tough competition to players like Doug Polk but in the end it was the human brain that triumphed over Claudico. AI researchers at CMU went back to the drawing boards, researched and came up with a more powerful AI called Libratus that had the ability to self-correct by learning from its mistakes.

Libratus was a lot more powerful than Claudico and was expected to do better. Top poker players in the world tested themselves against Libratus playing heads-up no-limit hold’em in Jan 2017. After playing 120,000 hands, Libratus had accumulated $1,766,250 in chips and proved that AI can indeed beat human poker pros.

Expect New AI Poker Products

PokerStars has been the market leader in global online poker for a number of years and that is because the company has looked to bring innovative products and services to the market and give poker players across the world an exciting poker experience. The job descriptions state that the new team of AI engineers will be presented with the challenge of learning how to apply AI to one of the biggest gaming communities in the world. Since they will be working for the PokerStars brand, one can assume that they will definitely focus on using AI to make poker better but they could also be given the responsibility of using AI to focus on other casino games.

Poker players around the world will definitely be interested in having the opportunity to play against an AI poker bot but PokerStars has stated on earlier occasions that it does not have any intention to develop poker bot as it preferred to keep the human element to it. However that does not rule out the possibility that PokerStars could develop an AI bot that could act as a tutor to new poker players and which will help them learn the game faster. The company could also create an AI downloadable offline mobile game that allows one to play while on the move.


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