Two Plus Two Publishing sues Dutch Boyd over

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2+2Dutch Boyd is no stranger to controversy in the poker world; the former owner of –one of the few online poker sites to go belly up and abscond with players’ money—has been a polarizing figure since he gained notoriety in the poker world.

Now one of the most powerful names in the poker world, Two Plus Two, is suing Dutch Boyd, Anthony Scocozza, and for: Cybersquatting, trademark infringement, deceptive trade practices, unfair competition, and intentional interference with prospective economic advantage.

The controversy stems from the site owned by Boyd and Scocozza called, which closely resembles in name. In an e-mail posted on Boyd had this to say:

“Hi Steve,

I’m the poker player getting sued by Mason Malmuth. If you are interested in getting a comment, you can email me any question you might have or even better hit me up on skype or call my cell at (# deleted). If you just want a general comment, here is what I’ve got :

“It is never fun to be sued… especially by someone you look up to and respect professionally.

Mason Malmuth is a genius poker theorist and poker author and his books are largely responsible for much of my own success in poker, including my world series of poker bracelet.

Personally, however, Mason has shown over and over that he is a bully and willing to outspend his perceived adversaries into submission.

The lawsuit he is bringing against me is based on a domain name that he currently owns: It is without merit and is designed to encourage me to pay him off or face a substantial legal bill defending myself against it.

Unfortunately, the strategy will work, and he will be successful in wasting both of our time and money as well as the Nevada taxpayer’s money. The only people who will be coming out ahead in this game is Mr. Malmuth’s overpriced attorneys.”

Kind Regards,

Dutch Boyd”

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