Amateur upsets the pros at WPT Bay 101 final table

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wpt logoThere were quite a few storylines heading into Friday’s final table of the World Poker Tour (WPT) Bay 101 Shooting Star Main Event. For one you had rising star and Lock Poker pro Paul Volpe making his second consecutive WPT final table, as well as poker Hall of Famer Erik Seidel in search of his second career WPT title. But in the end it was one of the local San Jose players who would walk away with the top prize as Wei Kai Chang battled his way through the final table, pocketing over $1.1 million n the process.

Volpe came into the final table with a strong chip-lead, with a stack of over 5.5 million chips, while Seidel entered the final table in second place on the leader-board with 3.4 million chips. Still, the entire final table of six all entered the day with fairly deep stacks (Joe Nguyen was the shortest stack at the final table and he had a robust 72 Big Blinds in front of him) and plenty of time to still play poker before having to go into fold/shove mode.

Here is a look at the final table seating assignments and chip-counts from

* Seat 1. Joe Nguyen – 2,175,000 (72 bb)

* Seat 2. Erik Seidel – 3,435,000 (114 bb)

* Seat 3. Chris Johnson – 2,740,000 (91 bb)

* Seat 4. Paul Volpe – 5,525,000 (184 bb)

* Seat 5. WeiKai Chang – 2,590,000 (86 bb)

* Seat 6. Joe Kuether – 2,830,000 (94 bb)

From the outset Kai Chang came out firing, pushing the action, and by all accounts the most aggressive player at the final table. The first player to hit the rail was poker pro Joe Kuether ran his pocket Jacks into Chang’s pocket Aces on the 79th hand of play; showing just how deep-stacked the players were at the final table.

From there it was Chris Johnson who was next to go home, followed by the two biggest names at the final table Erik Seidel and Paul Volpe, who finished 4th and 3rd respectively. Seidel’s run came to an end when the poker legend found himself short-stacked during four-handed play and got caught trying to steal the blinds with JT offsuit; Volpe called Seidel with A4s and despite flopping trip Jacks, Seidel would hit the rail when Volpe made a flush on the turn.

It took a while before Volpe hit the rail, as three-handed play dragged-on before Volpe was eliminated holding QTs against Chang’s A9s. With the elimination of Volpe only two local player remained in Chang and Nguyen and it would take only six hands for Wei Kai Chang to finish off Joe Nguyen to become the Season XI WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star Champion.

Here is a look at the final table from the tournament courtesy of the official WPT website:

1. WeiKai Chang – $1,138,350

2. Joe Nguyen – $666,740

3. Paul Volpe – $435,610

4. Erik Seidel – $295,590

5. Chris Johnson – $208,910

6. Joe Kuether – $162,240


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