Andy Frankenberger wins WPT Legends of Poker

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The friend of online Texas Holdem superstar, Prahlad Friedman has won the 2010 WPT Legends of Poker tournament at the Bicycle Casino, California for a cool $750,000. Andy Frankenberger won his first WPT title in only his second-ever WPT event, taking his career winnings close to $1,000,000.

This year’s WPT Legends of Poker attracted 462 entrants after the entry fee was lowered from $10,000 to $5,000 after a disappointing 279 players took part in 2009. Of the 462 players who began on the two Day 1’s, only 45 walked away with any prize money, the lion’s share of which was paid out to the final table of six.

Frankenberger began the final table as the chip leader with 3,015,000 chips, closely followed by Tom Lee on 2,915,000 and Kyle Wilson with a 2,854,000 stack, meaning each would have a stack of over 120 big blinds. The other three players Jarad Jaffee (1,006,000), Tom Braband (968,000) and Franco Brunetti (800,000) all had around 40 big blinds.

First to head for the rail was Franco Brunetti who clashed with Kyle Wilson. All the chips went into the middle on a board reading 7c6c3sTd, with Brunetti well in front holding AhTh against the Jc9h of Wilson. However, poker can be a cruel game and the dealer dealt the 8h on the river to give Wilson a winning straight and cripple Brunetti. He was eliminated a few hands later when his Kc3c lost out to Wilson’s 8h6c with the final board reading Ac6s2s9dQd. Brunetti picked up $63,000 for his efforts.

Jarad Jaffee was the next to go after he committed his entire stack holding QcJh on a board that read Jc7h4c7d but unfortunately for him Kyle Wilson was sat their with 9c7s for trip sevens. The king of spades on the river completed the hand and sent Jaffee to the rail with $86,000 in his back pocket.

Four became three with the elimination of Tom Braband in one of tournament poker’s coinflip situation. Kyle Wilson raised from under the gun and then called the 810,000 all-in raise from Braband after a moment to work out the pot odds. Braband revealed KdJh and he was racing against the 9s9h of Wilson. The Qh7d4c flop kept the nines in front and the 8d on the turn was no help to Braband either. The dealer burned a card and put the 9d on the river, improving Wilson to an unnecessary set of nines, eliminating Braband, who is now $109,000 richer.

The three remaining players were all deep-stacked and it looked like they were all in for a long night of poker but one hand completely turned the tournament on its head. Tom Lee and Andy Frankenberger got into a raising war on a flop of Qc7c5h, which resulted in both players being all-in, Lee with Qs5d for two pair and Frankenberger with Jc5c for bottom pair and a flush draw, the latter being completed with the arrival of the 4c on the turn. The river needed to be a queen or a five for Lee to win but it was the 7h, which left him with just four big blinds. These went into the pot the very next hand but Frankenberger made the nut flush to bust him in third place, worth a career best $174,442.

Heads-up only lasted a couple of hands, mainly due to the fact Frankenberger held a massive chip lead. In the final hand he raised to 275,000 with blinds at 60,000/120,000 with a 20,000 ante. After a brief pause Kyle Wilson moved all-in for a total of 2,650,000 chips and Frankenberger made the call. He showed Ac9c which was dominating the Ad3d of Wilson, making him a 65% favourite in the hand. The flop of 9d7d5c gave Wilson a diamond flush draw but it failed to arrive as the Jh and 6s fell on the turn and river respectively to hand the title and $750,000 to Andy Frankenberger.

The World Poker Tour’s next stop is WPT London between August 30 and September 5.

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