British Pro Toby Lewis Beats The Field To Win $1.4 Million Aussie

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The Aussie Millions Main Event is always the biggest draw for the premier Australian poker event. This is mostly because of the large prize pool on offer. The 2018 Aussie Millions was a grand success for tournament organizers and the Main Event once again proved to be the highlight. The Main Event was won by Tony Lewis who walked away with A$1,458,198 in prize money.

The 28-year old British poker pro competed against a field of 799 players and came out on top. This win happens to be his biggest ever cash-in. His previous record was winning $599,984 back in 2010 when he won the European Poker Tour Vilamoura Main Event. Combined with his other winnings, Lewis is lifetime earnings have now passed the $4 million mark. 

Lewis Massive Chip Advantage Worked In His Favor

The final day of the event saw Lewis joining six other players at the final table. He was in a good position entering the final table as he was the chip leader. His competition at the final table were Stefan Huber, Espen Solaas, Chul-Hyon Park, Johan Schumacher, Ben Richardson and World Poker Tour title winner Michael Del Vecchio.

The first knockout from the final table happened when Schumacher challenged Solaas with a pair of fives. However, Solaas was holding a pair diamonds and the flop revealed three more to give him a flush. This was just in the first hour of play. Solaas was also responsible for the next elimination when his pocket kings beat Richardson when the latter bet 1,155,00 in chips.

After that, it was time for Lewis to shine as he built up a major lead in chips. He used his chips to pressurize the remaining players. The first to go was del Vecchio who risked challenging Lewis, hoping for a flush on the flop. After that, Lewis had 16 million of the 24 million chips in the game – which gave him a huge advantage.

Lewis Keeps His Composure Till The End

It was Park’s turn next when he hit a particularly nasty bad beat. He was holding a pair of Queens to Lewis’ pair of sevens when a third seven popped up in the flop. This resulted in him busting out. After that, the remaining three players had to go into a huddle. Lewis’ overwhelming lead convinced Solaas and Huber to try and get a deal that would let them walk away with a bit more of the prize pot. The result was a split favorable to Lewis, with around A$75,000 left to fight over.

In the end, Lewis managed to beat both Solaas and Huber. Solaas went out at third place against a pair of Kings held by Lewis. Huber fought hard, but he still succumbed in the end when his Ace and eight were beaten by Lewis’s Queen and ten. This was because of a Queen in the flop. Lewis was ecstatic about his win and said that the hard work he had been putting in had finally paid off.

In a statement, Lewis said “I’ve been working really hard on my game lately, more than ever. I just felt really comfortable. I had an understanding of the players I was playing against. I tried to stay off social media as much as possible and tried not to hype myself up too much.”

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