Daniel Negreanu gets under Hellmuth’s skin at Bay 101 poker tou

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The good natured ribbing began when Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth were seated at the same table on Day 2 of the WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star tournament. Negreanu, never one to hold back on a Phil Hellmuth needle, stated, “Hellmuth is probably 800-to-1 to win the Player’s Championship at the World Series of Poker.” Keep in mind that Negreanu estimated only 150 entrants!

Of course Phil did not take the comment sitting down, and what started out as needle, has the makings for a pretty sizable prop bet. Phil is well known for being a No Limit specialist, and the Player’s Championship will be a mixed game, so Phil would never be considered a favorite, although he definitely has a puncher’s chance. According to Poker News Daily both players spoke to Matt Savage, and the two are now in the 250-to-1 range –I expect Negreanu to talk Phil down to about 150-to-1 when all is said and done.

Hellmuth told Savage, “At 800-1 I like my father to win…You could pick an internet player off the rail who you could teach for a year and he’s probably 800-1. I haven’t played a lot of those games, but recently I’ve been playing a ton of mixed games on the internet and it’s been helping my game a ton. Right now, I’m trying to improve and get better at every game because the Hold’em tournaments are so deep that I think it’s more difficult these days.”

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