ISPT to return with pared down format and structure

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ispt_logoYou’d be hard-pressed to find a person who thinks the inaugural International Stadiums Poker Tour (ISPT) held at Wembley Stadium was a successful tournament –considering the €600,000 overlay Dusk Till Dawn had to eat after joining the project in a last ditch effort to make something out of the ISPT. Despite the complete failure of the inaugural ISPT it will be hosting a second event, which will be a much more modest undertaking.

According to the ISPT website the tour will return in late October, hosting a €900 buy-in No Limit Holdem tournament with reentries available from October 30 through November 3. The tournament will take place at the Tanger Casino in Morocco and is being called the ISPT Silver- Tanger Millionaire Maker Tournament.

Unlike the lofty €$1 million guarantee for the winner of the inaugural tournament at Wembley, the ISPT Silver tournament at Tangers will feature a €90,000 guarantee for the winner. There is also no mention of online/live tournaments, or other ground-breaking ideas; the ISPT Silver in Tanger will simply your standard run-of-the-mill poker tournament.

Here is a look at the ISPT Silver schedule:

Day Tournament Rate Tournament type
Wednesday, October 30th Main Event Day 1A 900 € Reload
Thursday, October 31st Main Event Day 1B 900 € Reload
Friday, November 1st Main Event Day 1C 900 € Reload
Saturday, November 2nd Main Event Day 2 900 € Re-Entry
Sunday, November 3rd Main Event Final

So what will the future hold for the IPT? It’s difficult to say at this point as the utter failure of the first event will likely linger for quite some time in both the poker community and for the ISPT investors. This toned-down version of the ISPT (which is being held in a casino and not in a stadium) is a good start in gauging what kind of crowds the tournament can pull-in, get the creators of the ISPT some much needed experience in hosting poker tournaments, and perhaps in a year or two the ISPT can once again make the ambitious attempt at a multi-million dollar tournament held in a stadium.

More details on the tournament will likely be revealed in the coming days, including a hard guarantee for not just the winner, but for the entire tournament.

Here is a look at how the inaugural ISPT tournament series played-out after a six-way deal at the final table (because of the original payout schedule was €1,000,000 for 1st place and €250,000 for 2nd place):

1. Jakub Michalak – €436,000

2. Xavier El Fassy – €204,000

3. Nick Hicks – €254,000

4. Pete Linton – €375,000

5. Alban Juen – €290,000

6. Gwendoline Janot – €243,000


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