Key figures from UB and Absolute return to poker

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cereusIt appears that the poker world is not averse to recycling, considering two very high-profile entities (one a person and the other a software company/provider) involved with now-defunct Ultimate Bet/Absolute Poker have landed key roles in the emerging US online poker market.

Paul Leggett lands at Amaya Gaming

In the aftermath of the Super-User scandals at Absolute Poker and then Ultimate Bet the company did everything it could to try to appear that they had turned over a new leaf. One of the ways they tried to sell themselves as the new UB Poker was by putting Paul Leggett into the COO of Tokwiro Enterprises role. Unfortunately for UB, Leggett quickly became a scapegoat for the poker community (or perhaps this is what they had intended all along) along with Joe Sebok, who joined the site promising “to get to the bottom of” the Super User scandal.

When UB finally crashed and burned after Black Friday, and word came out that despite Paul Leggett’s claims, Scott Tom was still involved with the company; the poker world figured it had heard its last words from Paul Leggett. But lo and behold, pointed out that Leggett did land on his feet, with the disgraced COO of UB now working as the Head of Online at Amaya Gaming.

Ultimate Poker using Iovation to verify players

Leggett isn’t the only former Tokwiro/AP/UB player who could have a leading role in the now regulated online poker industry in the US. John Mehaffey brought another interesting UB connection to light at his Legal website, detailing how former UB software provider Iovation is now doing verification checks for Ultimate Poker (which is unrelated to UB in any way as far as we know) in Nevada!

You can read John’s recap of Iovation here:

And here is a thread on 2+2 about Iovation and UB:


All of this is going while a very damning audio recording allegedly of Ultimate Bet higher ups including Russ Hamilton. In the recording released by UB insider Travis Makar, Russ Hamilton freely admits to cheating players at Ultimate Poker, allegedly taking some $16-$18 million off of unsuspecting players by accessing the “God Mode” software that allowed him to see his opponents’ hole-cards.

According to Makar the recording was secretly made by Hamilton.

Also on the tapes is Greg Pierson, who is one of the creators of Iovation mentioned above, so it seems that Nevada online poker is beginning with a major hiccup with the involvement of Iovation.

You can read a complete summary of the contents of the tape here (once again by John Mehaffey):

You can listen to the audio recording here:


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