Loose Cannon busts Phil Hellmuth on PokerStars Big Game

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Last night’s episode of the PokerStars.net Big Game was highlighted by a huge pot and then some interesting choices for the Loose Cannon David Fishman, a Math Teacher at Arizona State University. Fishman had been playing a solid poker game in the previous three episodes of the show, and had built up a nice profit of around $30,000 heading into the fourth of five episodes when the following hand came about:

Fishman called Phil Hellmuth’s pre-flop raise with KcQc and flopped a monster-draw on an A-J-5 flop with two clubs. Hellmuth checked his A-5 and Fishman promptly bet $3,000; Hellmuth then made a min-check-raise to $6,000 which Fishman called. The turn was a blank, and Hellmuth led for $10,000 which Fishman called. The best card in the deck then came off in the form of an off-suit Ten giving Fishman a well disguised straight; Hellmuth led for $23,600, and after some hemming and hawing (which he had done on previous occasions before he folded) Fishman shoved. Phil announced Fishman’s hand but still decided to look the amateur up, and the massive $240,000 pot was shipped to Fishman.

This was the first instance I can recall where a Loose Cannon was able to double through with a large stack in the 10 weeks the show has been on the air.

With a profit of $140,000, and the NAPT Passport which is given to the shows biggest winner of the season all but locked-up Fishman decided to basically fold every hand; and it was a good thing he did! Not long after Fishman was dealt Pocket Aces and agonizingly folded the best starting hand after a Phil Laak raise with 66 and a Jason Mercier call with 44. The flop of 6-K-6 gave Laak quads, so Fishman’s fold likely saved the Math Teacher a ton of money.

Later in the episode Fishman was again tempted with a big pocket pair, this time Kings, and tried to limp-in only to see a raise and a re-raise behind him, to which he laid-down his Cowboys. Mercier, who took Hellmuth’s spot in the game didn’t seem to be aware of Fishman’s strategy –which everyone at the table agreed with: Fold EVERYTHING!—and thought he was leveling him saying he folded Aces and Kings!

There is one more episode to air of Week 10 of the PokerStars Big Game, and it will be interesting to see if the Loose Cannon can keep his head and stick to his strategy of folding his way to  $130,000 payday, in addition to receiving a $50,000 PokerStars NAPT prize package!

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