Negreanu and Doyle have differing opinion on Full Tilt

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Team PokerStars Pro Daniel Negreanu has been on the warpath against Full Tilt Poker in recent weeks, notably singling out Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, and Ray Bitar, and his words have left little to the imagination when it comes to Daniel’s true feelings about the trio. Terms like baseball bat and groin, scumbags, shameful little weasels, and hoping they may have to bunk with large cellmates.

Negreanu first started his crusade against Full Tilt Poker in an interview with which received little attention from the poker world after a bit of controversy arose from other answers Negreanu gave about the current role of the young players in the game. Negreanu then expounded on his remarks from the interview in a blog post on his site,, and doubled-down on those comments in a video blog posted soon after.

However, Negreanu’s wasn’t the only notable opinion aired recently; Doyle Brunson offered up his own blog post regarding Full Tilt Poker this week, and while never naming Negreanu, it was very clear his comments were directed at Kid Poker; beginning with the Doyleism of the Day which opens Brunson’s blog posts: “When you are up your friends know who you are, when you are down you know who your friends are”.

Brunson offered a fairly hearty defense of Lederer and Ferguson (while taking Ray Bitar, stripping him bare, hog-tying him, and throwing him under a fleet of buses) saying that their word was more than enough proof for him.

“As far as I know, every member and stockholder of FT was my friend before Black Friday. Despite all the terrible mistakes and mismanagement I know the intent to defraud wasn’t part of their plan. Despite a LAW suit against FT by a major stockholder that killed potential sales, despite the fact they tried to salvage their company by continuing to operate outside the US, they are the same faces as before.”

Throughout the post, Brunson offers up his opinions on how things went down at Full Tilt Poker, and explaining what he knows of not only the inner-workings of Full Tilt Poker, but also of the online poker industry thanks to his role at Doyle’s Room (where he claims player funds were kept completely segregated all along).

Brunson closes out the blog post with some words for Negreanu, and his recent tirades against the Full Tilt Poker principles:

“I don’t want to take a baseball bat and crush their grapes and I don’t want to keep them from rejoining the poker world. Where do you stop the level of responsibility? I don’t know, I only know all of the FT people were my friends and they still are.

“I also recall I read in the most widely read book in the world where it says something like this, “Let someone with no guilt cast the first stone,”

It’s difficult to understand Brunson’s reasoning on this matter; taking people at their word after everything the poker world has gone through over the past year seems a bit naive from a man who has been playing cards with cheaters, hustlers, and thieves for decades.

It’s also a bit outlandish to think that educated people receiving $40 million in dividends (who sit on a company’s board of directors) would simply cash the checks and never inquire where the profits were coming from, or want to see the year-end reports/future outlooks for the company.

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