Online Poker To Give Iowa $80 Million

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Iowa officials are trying to rush through a legal bill that will see the state being able to allow poker tournaments, something that the states financial experts have looked over and come back with the conclusion that the passing of the bill will bring an estimated $80 million in revenue.

Statistics that have been researched surrounding the game show that an estimate 80,000 players play their poker on a poker website online.

The aim for the state would be that they would be able to have the bill passed which would allow them to provide a safe online poker environment for their citizens.

A representative for the Iowa state highlighted the concerns that they have at present, highlighting that playing online poker offers a high volume of risk for the people of Iowa as well as saying that the current happenings were “Illegal”.

The bill should it be passed would mean that the state could offer its online poker players an alternative site to play their games, regulating the safety of the players who opt to invest their own funding in the thrill of gambling.

The way that the bill would work is that players will only be able to deposit cash into their account via one of seventeen casinos that are within the state, meaning that there will be no impact on the credit of players as they will not be able to deposit into their account using credit cards, something that globally seems to happen over 2 million times a day.

The final arguement for the passing of the legislation would be that the income that the site would generate would mean that they would be able to tax the players winnings, creating “A substantial amount of tax revenues for the state” as their representative pointed out.

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