Secret UB tapes: Annie Duke used version of God Mode

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Annie Duke at the WSOPThe Ultimate Bet Super-User scandal that rocked the online poker world back in the midst of the poker boom is back in the news as a series of secretly recorded audio-tapes (allegedly recorded by Russ Hamilton) have been released by Ultimate Bet insider and former Russ Hamilton confidante Travis Makar. Several big name players were mentioned on the secret recordings, ranging from UB Super-User victims to two of the faces of the site, sponsored pros Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke.

Hellmuth, whose name was brought up only to determine how to keep him from discovering the full extent of the cheating going on at the site –to keep him in the dark basically—will likely see little in the way of outrage from the poker community, although he did release a statement on the matter on Sunday. For the most part, Hellmuth has always been considered to have no knowledge of the cheating, with his only crime being a lack of diligence.

For Duke, who has seen any shred of reputation she once possessed torn to pieces in recent years –considering not only her role with UB Poker, but also with the infamous proclamations she made regarding the Epic Poker League, where she served as the President– the UB tapes may be the final nail in the coffin for the poker community, as it was alleged on the tape that she not only knew of the God Mode program, but used the original 15-minute-delay version of it.

Duke attempted to answer this charge on Twitter, and in the process admitted the allegation was true, saying she only used it when she acted as a tournament manager for Ultimate Bet:

“I had access to the delayed viewing of cards only for a few UB tournament events where i was a radio commentator.”

Like many others, my immediate follow-up question (which is still unanswered) was why she never came forward to say that she knew God Mode did in fact exist during the early stages of the investigation into Ultimate Bet? The community has always wondered what Phil Hellmuth and Annie Duke knew about the God Mode program, and it now seems we have some answers to this question. The fact that Duke knew of its existence, yet never publicly said so, is very damning, and along with her other transgressions and public feuds over the years could very well be enough to put her right next to her brother Howard Lederer in the persona non gratis camp of poker –although as we have seen, inclusion in this club doesn’t mean you won’t still be competing at the WSOP or playing in poker rooms.

Duke’s knowledge and use of the “AuditMonster” has also rehashed a years-old question regarding a massive tournament win by Duke’s boyfriend at the time and now husband Joe Reitman, who won the $1,000 buy-in, $1,000,000 guaranteed tournament back in January of 2006. Reitman walked away with $266,000 and now the poker community is starting to wonder if Annie Duke had access to the “AuditMonster” (as the God Mode program was called on the secret tapes) when Reitman won this event.

You can listen to the lengthy audio recordings here:

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