The PNB Poker Buzz for September 12, 2013

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Poker News BoyEvery Thursday brings you the latest gossip, debates, and disputes from the world of Poker Blogs, Forums, Editorials, and Social Media in what we are calling The Poker Buzz. If it’s an interesting story or idea you’ll find it here every Thursday.

Robert Turner Derides Rising Tournament Fees

Longtime poker pro and industry man Robert Turner raised an often overlooked point in a recent blog post, calling into question the rising tournament fees being collected by poker rooms. Turner uses basic math to show how tournament fees have risen from about 25%-33% of the first-place prize to nearly 100% of the first place prize.

In Turner’s eyes this makes poker tournaments not only less appealing to casual players, but also makes them have lower returns than other casino offerings!

I highly recommend reading Turner’s blog entry titled Killing the Goose That Laid the Golden Egg

Online Poker’s Target Audience May Be Changing

Dusk Till Dawn head honcho Rob Yong decided to pick up where Phil Galfond left off a few years ago, offering up his thoughts on the state of online poker and what changes could be made to make the game more appealing to recreational players, in a blog post titled Phil Galfond Poker Hero Part 1.

Yong outlines eight ideas ranging from raising the minimum and maximum buy-ins at tables to “scrambling” hand histories so they cannot be data-mined. Yong’s ideas will likely not make him a fan of online grinders, but there is no doubt in my mind that they would be great for the game.

What Do the Maths Say to Do?

Bluff Europe columnist Jeff Kimber penned an interesting article this past week that calls into question the long held poker belief that the “correct” decision is the one that the math shows to be the most profitable in the long-run.

Kimber brings up the very valid point (and one I have raised myself multiple times) that in many instances in tournament poker you’ll never reach the long-run. Kimber uses the PokerStars Sunday Million as an example, explaining that you’ll never be in enough Sunday Million final table bubble situations to overcome variance.

Overall, it’s a fascinating read that might help you see the forest through the trees: Going Against the Maths

Sauce123 vs. WCGrider

Now that the durrrr Challenge between Tom Dwan and Daniel Cates has devolved into little more than a war of words the poker community is turning its sights toward a new challenge match, as Doug “WCGrider” Polk and Ben “Sauce123” Sulsky have tentatively agreed to play a 15,000 hand challenge match at the $100/$200 NLHE tables at Full Tilt Poker, with an additional $100k going to the winner.

You can read about the challenge match –and see the fanboy reactions to the announcement—at the 2+2 Poker Forum


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